Inspiration Blog hop!

I love reading and making lists and I especially love artsycraftsy wip posts. I felt so inspired after going through several tagged blogs. :)
Thanks to Ria for tagging me!

What are you working on?
A lot! I have a list of personal projects that I plan on tackling after work or over the weekend. But my attention span is super short and I’m a scanner, so I’m bound to start something then stop halfway when something shinier appears. It’s in my nature, so I have accepted this about myself. On the upside, I do tend to accomplish a lot when the art/craft bug attacks in the middle of the night, haha. I always update my instagram with recent projects, but here are the extra memorable ones:


Experimenting with masking fluid. I suck at calligraphy but thought this might change my mind. This is a line from Conchitina Cruz’s poem “What is it about tenderness”.


Books are piling up on my TBR pile and I can’t be more excited. I have this dream of having a reading nook and I’m planning to swankify a small area near the window for this. Maybe I’ll rearrange furniture or add some fluffy pillows.


I hope the above drawing looks like Aubrey Plaza. It’s my first time to draw a portrait using colored pencils and I’m not sure if I like it. I felt a lot of anxiety that I’d ruin her beautiful face so maybe I’ll just draw imaginary ladies next time. I’m not sure if I have the guts to finish this eep.

How does your work differ from others?
I find it easier to make stuff filled with things I love, so in my works you’d probably see ladies, cats, ladies with cats, fangirling, an unhealthy amount of color, book/film/movie/tv show-inspired stuff. Cats!

Why do you create what you do?
They give me a happy. -Buffy
I feel more relaxed and zen when I create. I’m not fond of making drafts using pencil mostly because I like surprising myself hehe.

How does your creating process work?
I find nuggets of inspiration from my fave things, and then I try to coax/wrangle something out of them. Sometimes the results please me, sometimes they’re epic failures–but at least I got to learn from them. It’s all good. :)

Tagging everyone! Special mentions: Allie, Dy, Fran, Sab, Geli! :)

Artsycraftsy experiment: fashion drawings inspired by food, gems, and origami

Last night, I drew some fashion-y figures on my fashionary notebook (generously donated by Allie–thanks so much!:)).
It was my first time to color these with watercolor pencils, and I loved the precise lines they generate and the messy bleeding washes as well.

These are inspired by the ice cream combo ube and cheese:


These are inspired by gemstones and origami:


Happy Sunday! :)

Pixaroll sale!

Just got news that as a treat to their customers and to celebrate their second birthday, Pixaroll is having a sale! YAY!

Everything at their new store, Poppinprints, from stickers to art prints to 48Frames to ChopBlocks, will be 20% off!

Just enter “2YO” at checkout to get the 20% discount. :)

I can’t wait to sort through my instagram pics and pick memories I’d like to preserve. Thanks Pixaroll!

Here’s one of the many Pixaroll prints I got myself last year. It was taken at the now-closed Mochiko branch at The Collective. This was part of the card I was going to be making for my folks as one of the assignments in Fernando Sena’s art workshop. I love how a simple print can trigger so many memories in an instant:


Exploring the Universe: Tagaytay, Baguio and Bataan!

We toured some balikbayan relatives a few months ago. My cousins have been here before, but they were too young to remember their last trip in Manila. We wanted to take them to our fave places in Luzon, and hoped that they’d love it as much as we did.

First stop was Tagaytay (but oops, I forgot the name of the place, sorry!) I loved how homey the place was, it made us feel like we owned a grand house with a beautiful view:
My cousin taught me and my brother how to play “Clocks” by Coldplay.


We had a delicious lunchtime feast! Bulalo, adobo, pomelo salad, chicharon, tawilis with mango-tomato-onion relish. Yum!
The place was filled with pretty art and knickknacks:
IMG_4897 IMG_4893

IMG_4886 IMG_4892

There were birds everywhere, and monkeys! We saw a mother monkey with a child, picking off fruits from a nearby tree the next morning. Try to spot the monkey here:

I love this fuschia santan:



We also went to Bataan, and stayed at Las Casas de Acuzar, for that “like Vigan” experience, but nearer.

IMG_4976 IMG_4964 IMG_4954

IMG_4946 IMG_4950 IMG_4952

IMG_5005 IMG_5003 IMG_4992

IMG_5153 IMG_5114 IMG_5104 IMG_5089 IMG_5070 IMG_5058IMG_5201IMG_5190IMG_5186IMG_4931IMG_4933 IMG_5044 IMG_5028 IMG_5025

The houses were beautiful during daytime, but creepy during the night. I asked my brother-“What if you’re given an overnight stay here for free, but the catch is it could only be for one person, and you’d stay in the really old houses without electricity, only gaseras? Would you do it?”

Ceiling fruits!


Then, Baguio! It was freezing cold when we went, I was wearing several layers of clothing–first time to do it in this tropical country!

I like the breakfast served here:


IMG_5250 IMG_5262 IMG_5256

I met the friendliest beagle in the world:

IMG_5255 IMG_5252  IMG_5234    

The brief Baguio trip is now a bit hazy, but here’s what I remember from it: The whole family visitng our fave Mt. Cloud Bookshop. Meeting Aileen, a friend I met online. Sharing meals at Hill Station (ice cream that looked like paint!). Drinking minty hot tsokolate e and eating ensaymada at Camp John Hay, while the sun bid us goodbye.

Life is beautiful. :)