Challenging myself: Fly yoga!

Trying this has always been on my bucket list. Yesterday, I was finally able to try Flying Fitness at Beyond Yoga, Rockwell. Thanks to Almi who alerted me about the groupon deal for this! :) She was also the one who took more pics, the first pic was taken by our instructor :)



I can’t believe I was able to do the above poses since I haven’t been as dedicated to my daily yoga practice as before because of laziness and my current slight asthma attack. But here’s to surprising yourself, yes?

Also, it was way harder than I thought. There were some inverse situps where you had to do it while you’re hanging upside down, suspended in air, which was very challenging, and some other yoga poses that had to be done upside down. I was disoriented and a bit nervous since I was afraid my legs would unhook themselves accidentally and I’d break my neck lol so I think I overthunk some poses haha.

My body’s sore right now but it’s worth it! Fun and exciting. :)

Good things: ber months!

In a few days, it’ll be Christmas! I’m a bit panicky since I haven’t shopped for presents yet, but I’m thinking of ways to use my existing materials for making handmade gifts this year. Any suggestions?

I’m happy to report though, that I haven’t abandoned my #create365 challenge on instagram. Yay!

Here are some things I’ve been making:

A quick Frida sketch using watercolor (no pencil drawing because I am stubborn and impulsive and sleepy):


A washi fashion collage with chinese ink:


I drew CJ De Silva’s cat, Tomas:


I’ve been practicing calligraphy and brush pen lettering too–and I still have a lot of other stuff I want to play with/use. I’m happy my day job ends at the office, which gives me some time to pursue things I really, really love. :)

Artsycraftsy experiment: A real cola pen!

Guess what I made? :)
Because I was curious about the advantages of using a REAL, live cola pen, I decided to bite the bullet and just make one. Very very carefully.

So I got a can, and just went for it.
I used a popsicle stick as handle, and muttered some prayers as I cut the can.

Thankfully, I didn’t cut myself. I made one for each color and several more for giving away to friends :)


I found a hard, acetate-like plastic which I used to create more pens with. I’m excited to play with my new pens! What have you been making lately? :)

Teach yo’self: Relearning calligraphy

I’ve been doing some calligraphy drills recently because I was so inspired by the awesome calligraphers I met at the typekita 2 event. My goal is to fill up a page with drills for 30 days.
Day 1:

Day 3: I tried writing after doing drills on the third day and I think doing the drills really work! Not perfect, but a start;

Wish me luck! What have you been up to lately?

Artsycraftsy exploration: Type Kita 2

Because I had so much fun at the last type kita event (and I’m trying to learn typography), I’m attending both days in this year’s type kita exhibit!¬† :)
The first day was yesterday–I went with Jaycee and Almi and was so happy I got to watch Kay Aranzanso’s live chalk lettering and The Fozzy Book and La Bella Scrittura’s calligraphy demo–both are in my bucket list, so yay!



I don’t want to spoil the surprise, it’s best to check it out for yourself today! :) Here’s my loot:


Here’s my fave pic taken by Fran with the Ang Ink/Speculiars peeps. I spilled some water on my shorts during the calligraphy workshop because I’m graceful like that haha and it looks like I peed on myself with excitement Lol:


Best. Day. Ever!

See them live today! :)