Happy times, thank you

It’s when you feel too busy to make art that you probably should make art, if you were me.

I resist it a bit with chores and work as an excuse but find that it’s just like a workout–once you’re there you can’t seem to stop and you feel pretty great after.

I was inspired by FRUiTS growing up and read an article on how the fashion situation in Japan is so different now due to stores like Uniqlo. Did this washi tape fashion collage using my handmade @seamountainco palette and I find that tearing washi tape is incredibly soothing.


Quick watercolor portrait in 15 minutes–I didn’t use a pencil here so I was just modifying it as I went.


Happy that K and I are trying new restos again.


Joined my first #protonsworkshop and it was a collab with gogogelato and we got to eat lots of gelato and even see the process of making it–I got to churn some buko lychee sherbet which I took home after. Also met a lot of new friends, which makes my heart very happy. I hope you are having a good March too, wherever you may be.


What I’ve been up to: March 2017

Happy summer! Summer is my fave season and I’m so honored that I got to be the one to make the March 2017 journaling prompts for #HobonichPH:


Don’t forget to use the hashtag #HobonichiPHChallenge if you’re participating! 🙂

I had so many happy moments these past few days:

😙 I got to try and experiment and make my own handmade rose gold watercolor paint! Kinda obsessed with rose gold recently and I thought I’d try and make paint with this hue in mind:


Success! It took a lot of trial and error but happy with the outcome. Brought it with me to a mini artambay with my washi and sticker-loving friends yesterday.

😙 Got new washi tapes (first group buy and so worth it!) and mildliners yesterday and got to bond with friends:





😙 Attended the #ArtfairPH with K, her first time:


😙 I also painted mini abstract paintings which I turned to stickers using handpainted watercolors made by @seamountainco 🙂


😙 I uploaded several flipthroughs of my past journals and travel project life in my youtube channel, if you want to take a peek: http://tinyurl.com/mabuhaydiy2011journal

I hope March has been good to you too.

Digitizing my journals in Youtube

Hello! 🙂 Super excited to share with you something I’ve been working on–my journal digitizing project! I have so many journals since childhood and I’ve been meaning to archive its contents for the longest time and I’ve decided that I’d share it with you! 🙂 This is also for me, when I’m older and super forgetful, and is a way to document my progress and journey as a creative. I also plan on showing my stationery collection, art and book hauls and process vids too. Stay tuned! 🙂

What I’ve been up to: February 2017

Happy month of love! 🙂 My heart has been extra happy lately mostly because of my several fb groups– I made a washi tape and sticker lovers PH group and we have a hobonichi book club and several planner and journal FB groups as well. I think my calling might be bringing people together for art-related stuff haha. 🙂

I also got to try handmade paints by @seamountainco! Check out the colors I achieved from these 5 colors and the painting I made using these 5 as well:


I finally was able to organize my washi tapes as well!


I started an online book club years ago with daily themes on tumblr: booklat.tumblr.com 🙂 Happy that my book club dreams migrated to the FB world with the Hobonichi book club PH–here is my page for it:


Did a bit of urban sketching inside a cafe:


Received this beautiful bouquet from the gf for Valentine’s day! Such a sweet surprise, and she specifically picked different flowers because she knows I love painting them. Thanks love!


Used stickers from #ARdailysticker to decorate my monthly hobonichi spread for February:


Made some stickers too! 🙂


What I’ve been up to: January 2017

I’ve received my dream cover and have differentiated my two hobonichis by having one as my #HOMEbonichi and the other as my #ROAMbonichi. My homebonichi stays at home and is meant to be used as my gratitude and wonderfulness journal–filled with the highlights of each day and what I’m grateful for. My roambonichi comes with me everywhere, and is filled with ideas, art experiments, longform journaling and lunch break journaling. I’m happy about this setup and looking at the 2 beautiful covers and inside colors side by side makes me giddy! 🙂


Sorry for the bad lighting–I took this photo as soon as I received my sherbet (left) cover haha.

Here are some pages:




I’ve been doing collages lately as well. It feels good just tearing the paper and gluing things down.


I tried mixing matcha soymilk and jasmine and it made a cool yummy refreshing drink. I drank it and ate my fave corn nuts while journaling on my midori. My midori has more watercolored food items (I like how there’s more space there) and ephemera because my hobonichis are both a6 in size so the space is sometimes a bit small haha.


I’ve added a hashtag in my instagram (@mabuhaydiy) called #mabuhaydiyjournals so that my journal posts are all seen in just one click. Mostly so I can see stuff that made me happy since my journal entries are mostly stuff that made my day/week. Check it out if you want to see it too! 🙂 I’m not yet done tagging all photos because there are too many but maybe someday 🙂

My first hobonichiPH planner group meetup

Yesterday was one of the happiest days of my life! I attended my 1st planner meetup with the hobonichi ph group. I met so many new friends and we all geeked out over the same stuff: stationery! Heh.

I think I must have spent hours getting washi samples. I am not the neatest roller so I made a collage using the samples instead:


It was so fun meeting people who share the same interests and who understand your needs for cute and good quality stationery.
Here are all of our hobonichis, stacked together:


Rej gave us some cute planner date stickers, which I used for my monthly view (thanks, Rej!)


Some more pages. I bought those japan-themed stickers from @monicarize–they’re perfect for my planners!


Before I left we had a “watercolor table” where we shared our pages and our supplies. These are pages from the hobonichis of the people there:


Group photo! Grabbed from Ellie, thanks, Ellie! 🙂


We were featured in the official japanese hobonichi website and instagram! Senpai noticed us haha:


Happy to have found this group! 🙂 🙌

My very own hobonichi! At last :)

I’ve been dreaming of having my own hobonichi techo planner since I saw them a couple of years ago. When we visited Japan, I was a bit taken aback by how pricey it was and when I flipped through it, I was a bit dismayed to see that the paper was so thin. I knew that the paper was tomoe river paper but I wanted to do watercolor paintings on mine so I was admittedly skeptical about this paper. Until I tried it on a friend’s midori planner which had tomoe river paper. Mind blown. I was so amazed and I regretted not buying a hobonichi immediately at that very moment haha. After that I always added it in my wishlists and lo and behold! My gf got me one for my birthday, yay! The universe heard me haha 🙂 Thanks, love!

Added gudetama stickers to the cover:


So happy and excited about it and I loved figuring out what to place in the pockets too:


Made some washi paperclips, and washi samples for on-the-go journaling:


Here are some ways I used it:




I’m lusting after the original accessories but am trying to curb my enthusiasm for spending so am resorting to DIY. I made a pencil board using a sheet from the hobonichi paper (s) notebook (which was what I bought from Japan when I couldn’t afford the hobonichi techo) and my friend @monicarize and I did a collab artwork on said page and I had it laminated:


Am happy just seeing it and am excited to make it as chubby as my 2016 starbucks gratitude journal:


2017: The Year for mindfulness

Happy new year, lovely friends! 🙂

Honesty time: 2016 was such a ride–there were times when I wanted to just shout–“stop the ride, I want to get off!”-but thankfully there are still those moments that made me feel grateful for this lifetime.

I summed up a list of the highlights of my 2016 in my previous post, and I think I am still processing this hell of a year both in terms of internal (i.e personal life) and external (politics in this country and internationally) factors. I think 2016 made us re-assess our values and what’s important to us and I certainly learned what I can and will definitely not tolerate. I think you know what I mean, wherever you might be in the world.

It makes me feel glad though, knowing that some of my family and friends feel the same way so I feel braver and more hopeful knowing that.

Journaling also helped me deal with my feelings. I used to write long personal entries in my livejournal and in my analog journals before and am trying to get back in the habit of doing that for my eyes only this 2017.

But! Decorating my art journals and planners certainly nake me feel happier too. Especially if I use my colorful art materials like pens, washi tapes, and stickers. I also joined several local planner and journal groups on facebook and the friendly planner/journal lovers there make me even more excited to play with my journal pages. 🙂

Here are some of my pages:









See more of my pages in my instagram page: @mabuhaydiy 🙂

I’ve been organizing my stuff and I have come to admit that my hoarding problems tended to get the best of me. This also means less savings and more clutter so I plan on being more mindful about my purchases next year. I started with unfollowing temptation which came in the form of online stores lol. I also want to try to meditate more and try to be more calm and relaxed this 2017 onwards. With the help of analog journaling, a meditation app (calm is the best), and listening to my body, I hope I get to be more mindful this 2017. Mindfulness is my key word for 2017, what’s yours? 🙂

Journal Journey: Tina of Pastelpaperplane

1. Tell us about yourself. What made you start journaling and when did you start?
My name is Tina and I live in the West of Germany with my love.I am a journal addict and snail mail lover. A letter writer, tree hugger and chocoholic. I am an introvert and creative soul expressing my world of emotions, impressions and experiences through journaling. And this actually is the reason why I started my journal journey. As an introvert, creative person I always needed to express myself in the written word and arts. As a person who is literally living in her head, who needs a lot of alone time, I often struggle to communicate and express myself. I needed a way to process, reflect and communicate my thoughts and feelings.
In my early years as a teenager I already did the “light version” of journaling. I always loved to keep a photo album and added handwritten notes, headlines and scraps of paper from magazines or stickers to it. And I kept a diary to document my daily life and everything in between. My love was always drawn to notebooks, paper, pen, ink and prints. So somehow this love for the analogue has always been a part of me throughout my life until today.
But I guess it was in 2014 when I discovered the creative community on Instagram with like minded people who shared the same love & passion. It wasn´t before December 2014 when I started my own account as @pastelpaperplane, bringing myself out there. I guess since then I tried many different ways of journaling & memory keeping, planning & documenting until I finally discovered my way of journaling with the Travelers Notebooks in the middle of 2015.
2. What journal are you using right now? Do you have more than 1 for various purposes? Do you have any specific qualities you look for in a journal?
The main journal I use at the moment the most is my art journal insert in my Midori Traveler´s Notebook. It´s my favorite one for quite a while now. Besides that I have a few Traveler´s notebooks with several inserts for different purpose. For example do I have an ink log where I keep track of my fountain pens, nibs & inks. I have an insert for washi tape samples and another one for my rubber stamp collection. I also always take a journal with me on vacations to document my travels. I love the collect all the travel ephemera along the journey that I could later add to my journal. For me it´s one of the most wonderful and fun part of every vacation. Plus it´s a beautiful visual memory I never get tired of browsing through later! And last but not least not to forget my little daily companion I carry with me in my handbag. This I use to make little notes in between (e.g. ideas, lists, things I want to journal or write in my letters about, things to do or something that inspires me, etc.).
Regarding the journals I prefer quality than quantity. This means I´d invest a bit more money in a quality, preferable handmade good instead of a cheap mass product. I prefer real leather journals and I really appreciate the Traveler´s Notebook system for it´s customizability!
3. What can we find in your journal pages? 
Sometimes it´s a glimpse into my soul and a mirror of my feelings. Sometimes it´s a peek into the bubble of my own little world I live in. But mostly it´s like a mixed bag of opposites. I am a deep thinker, who sees the world through strange glasses. Self-aware and insecure. Social and solitary. Fragile and tough.
All this reflects me in my journal pages… I create art collages on two pages. mostly out of paper scraps, collected ephemera, notes, quotes, washi tape and other stuff. I also document events, dates and activities I had with family and friends. I love to add little photos I printed or took with my Instax Mini camera, tickets of the event or business cards and other little things that I collected or that remind me of that day. 
4. Can you share your journaling routine and journaling process? How often do you journal? 
I think I don´t really have a routine or special journaling process. I either like to start journaling as soon as I got up since my thoughts are still fresh and I am usually full of creative energy or I journal in the evening, almost around midnight. I am a nocturnal soul & usually feel mostly energized at night.

I used to write diary daily or at least I tried to document my everyday life in the past. But I figured out that it´s not the way for me. Like many people do, I used to sit down and wrote in my diary mainly when dealing with a hurtful experience or difficult emotions. I also tried to document my everyday life with writing down what I did the day, week, month or with whom I spend my time with. But I noticed that it was more of a third person memory keeping instead of keeping a diary about what I´ve been really experiencing or going through. I always had a hard time to put all my thoughts & feelings into words to describe it. So I often ended up frustrated and wrote nothing at all. I was craving a way of documenting my life, my innermost thoughts & emotions in a way that really suits me.


Today I grab my journal whenever I feel like it. Because I know there´s no pressure to document anything but to have a wonderful creative outlet. Whenever I want to reflect on something, have to write down any kind of thoughts or emotions or just want to relax & keep my inner balance, I start journaling and enjoy the whole process. For me the best way to get creative in my journals is first of all to be at the place I feel most creative and comfortable. For me it´s my little creative corner & workspace at home. It´s decorated with lots of creative supplies, pens, paper, rubber stamps, pictures & postcards, drawers full of ephemera & other tiny art supplies. When I am at work I literally can´t wait to get home & start journaling there. When I get up at the weekend I really look forward to get into my room & get inspired there. The energy in my creative corner is always happy, positive, creative and magical. As soon as I sit at my desk, I ask myself what I would love to try or work with on my journal. Sometimes it´s watercolors, sometimes rubber stamps, sometimes scraps of paper … I really try to listen to my inner voice and just start journaling. Enjoying a hot chocolate or a coffee while journaling is perfection. Sometimes I light a candle or listen to a Podcast. It all depends on the mood I am in.
5. What are your favorite brands for journaling and why? Do you have favorite stores for supplies?
I think what will last will be things that are well-made: things with good-quality materials, good workmanship & good design. If possible I like to support small businesses so I shop local or order (worldwide) from a “one-man-business”. I appreciate custom work or brands & companies that make forward thinking products or that help me identify myself & my lifestyle with their products. I love to discover new stores, brands & products, too. So I don´t have a favorite brand in general & buy my stuff based on taste & interest. My current favorite journal jewel is my Mod Tablet 3 from This is Ground, USA . Besides that I really love my small daily companion designed by Amy from Athene Leather, USA and of course my Traveler´s Notebooks. Since I am a firm believer that thoughts, emotions, words (or whatever we want to document on paper) should be wrapped in a beautiful journal, I also want to mention my love for Paperblank journals. 
I am from Germany and unfortunately a lot of stuff I want to use isn´t available here or in Europe. If possible I shop in local stores but also order from LUIBAN, Germany or Miscellaneous, Amsterdam. For other stationery & journaling supplies I often shop online on etsy from Cute things from Japan, Pipitzakastore, Paperpluscloth or Raw Market shop. A while ago I discovered the beautiful designs for rubber stamps & washitape from Chamil Garden. I can´t get enough of them!
6. What are your favorite journaling tools?
I really love my  fountain pens, washi tape, vintage ephemera & spray paint or water colors and wooden rubber stamps.Oh and I really have a thing for wax seals & dried flowers or leaves. Such a great way to prettify gifts, letters, tags & even journal pages.
7. What’s the best thing about journaling that you wish everyone knew?
Besides the obvious fact of memory keeping, it simply helps me to connect with myself and with my core desires. It helps me to listen to my inner voice, my soul. It inspires my personal growth, to reflect on things & myself. So for me it´s not only a creative way of expressing myself but it also is kind of a healing & growth process. But all in all it´s just a great way to keep in balance, to relax & to reconnect with myself. I´ve also noticed that for me the benefit I find in art journaling is the process of creating, not in the outcome or what I create. I have a better understanding for myself now.
8. Any tips on how people can get started with journaling?
Just go with the flow, do not overthink and just write, draw, scrap, doodle or glue without thinking too much about the outcome. Find your own voice and listen to it. Fear, inner criticism or the wish for perfection will often be a part of any creative journey. And I know a blank page in front of you can somehow be overwhelming. Don´t be afraid to try new things or mess around. Just listen to your inner voice. Create and journal for yourself & the fun of it, not to impress or get the approval of others. The probably best advice I ever got is, to just write down whatever pops up in my mind. Without overthinking it, without filtering it, without putting too much thoughts into it. Doesn´t matter if it´s a keyword that describe how I feel or a quote I can relate to. Or just a simple question that pops up in my head. Trust the process and enjoy the creative journey! And actually no fancy materials or expensive tools are necessary to get started & create. It actually just takes a pen & a journal & maybe a place to feel comfortable journaling at.
If someones is totally into social media I really recommend to create an Instragram account and to connect with like-minded, creative and inspiring people out there. Search for hashtags like #travelersnotebook #artjournal or #mixedmedia.
9. What is inspiring you right now in your journaling journey?

Right now I am mainly inspired by hand-lettered creations & watercolor illustrations. And I am always drawn to everything moon phases, traveling, maps, astronomy, nature, etc. related!  But in general I am inspired by emotions, quotes, music I am listening to or things that happen in my life or my environment. The people I spend my time with often inspire me. Sometimes I just watch people, nature, animals, street life…. As mentioned before do I always carry a small notebook & a pen with me. So that I can write down little notes from ideas, thoughts & questions that pop up in my mind. That makes up for great journal inspiration later! Sometimes a conversation with a friend inspires me as well as the episode of a TV series or movie I watched the other night.


And not to forget the inspiration I find through all the creative muses on Instagram. It´s such a wonderful, inspiring and motivating community.
If you’re restricted to journaling using only 2 tools, what would these 2 tools be and why? 
At first I thought I would never be able to just pick two tools. But the more I think about it the less I really need. It´s nice to have all the art supplies & tools because the whole process of using them makes me happy. But if I really have to choose I´d probably take one of my Lamy Safari fountain pens & some roll of my favorite Chamil Garden washi tape.
Thanks, Tina! Check out Tina’s instagram: @pastelpaperplane.
All photos above are from Tina. 🙂

Highlights of my 2016: The Year for Abundance

Here’s an extremely happy photo of me in MoMa New York, taken by a kind stranger I took photos of:



I’ve made it my goal to start the year with a vision in mind, and I named 2016 as The Year for Abundance. Little did I know that 2016 will be filled to the brim with opportunities, new adventures, new experiences and new friends! So glad I used this word as my word for the year. Here are some of the highlights of my 2016:

❤ Went to Art Fair and Art in the Park 🙂

❤ Did lots of journaling in Taal, Batangas

❤ Got invited to the #Smstationeryartfest event

❤ Joined the #100dayproject and drew hands

❤ Brush calligraphy on tote bags for Avon, all through Geli! Thanks beh 🙂

❤ Urban sketchwalk at BGC with Kuya Robert

❤ Had a series of private watercolor workshops

❤ Together with the #artitasofmanila, we painted a higante for Nayong Pilipino’s Parkfest!

❤ Finally visited New York. I’m realizing I really miss it nowadays.

❤ Went to Vegas!

❤ Created a one-second everyday video of my US trip. Excited to do this more when traveling

❤ Saw Hoover Dam and Bryce Canyon!

❤ Stayed overnight at Sonya’s Garden, painted a lot.

❤ Obsessed with planners and journals so I made a post on how I decorate mine!

❤ Joined the #colorexploration project of Tita Ella (@ella_lama) and Tita Ria (@hueandai)

Artambay goes to Baguio! With Ella and Aiz_kim 🙂

❤ Talked about how people can be inspired to create art consistently for #realtalktambay

❤ Started #LadiesDrawingNightPH because I was so inspired by the one from the U.S.

❤ Finished Inktober 2016 with illustrated women

❤ Started a series about people and their journals, called Journal Journey here in my blog

❤ Collaborating with the gf for a Women Empowerment project, From Her to Her. You can still submit your words of wisdom! Click here.

My brush calligraphy being reposted by my idol Grace Bonney of Design Sponge in her instagram!


Posted about exchange gift ideas from SM Stationery!

Workshops attended:

-Woodworking, Portrait painting with @carlacochua and @beyondreverie, Florals with @arlenesy.

❤ Sold my handpainted stickers at Ella’s booth for Art Mart!

❤ Joined a session of “People Painting Faces” hosted by @justaddwaterph

❤ Shot several journal flipthroughs and timelapse vids in my instagram! (@mabuhaydiy)


Favorite books this year:

❤ A Man Called Ove

❤ The View from the Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman

❤ Crazy Rich Asians and China Rich Girlfriend haha

❤ Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbery


Obsessions this year:

❤ Acrylic stamps

❤ My Midori

❤ Stickers like when I was a kid

❤ Podcasts


Fave movie this year:

❤ The Handmaiden


I keep on listening to:


❤ Shura

❤ Scavenger Hunt


2016, you give me tons of mixed feelings but this list makes me feel better. I hope the world becomes better next year, I hope people can be better humans. Can my 2017 be the year for positive change? I’m still thinking of my word for 2017, but I still have that hope about humanity inside me. Here’s to a better year ahead! Happy Holidays!