Exploring the Universe: Japan 2015- Nara Highlights!

From Osaka, we went to Nara, where I went crazy because I dearly love deer. And Ninjas!

Sakura trees everywhere.


My fave mascot.

IMG_1558 IMG_1565

We stayed in this beautiful inn with deer origami and teeny tiny crane origami. They had the most beautiful yukata too, which I wore incorrectly accidentally heh:



First deer sighting, near the temple:





Inside the temple, you can donate a thousand yen (if I remember correctly) for temple restoration/and they’d give you a tile in exchange where you can paint your hopes/wishes, to be used in the temple. (I’m Rean, btw. My brother and I asked if we could split a tile and they agreed)


Sakura ice cream!


We went to the Ninja Museum, where they had ninja-themed trains:
IMG_2132 IMG_2144 IMG_2160

My dad and brother joined the shuriken-throwing thang after the ninja show (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and I’m happy to report that I was able to hit some areas of the target (not a bulls-eye, but the target nevertheless hehe).

Cute kids in ninja costumes:


I wish we had ice cream vendo machines here too! I try to eat new ice cream/cold icy things when traveling abroad and I had the strawberry one, I think. I forgot to snap a photo because we were in a hurry, eep.


Holding hands with deer, checking out the sights:


Bye Nara! I really loved the Nara vibe, it reminded me of artsy Baguio. IMG_2426

Exploring the Universe: Japan 2015-Osaka!

I can’t get over how happy I was that we were able to visit one of my dream destinations last March: Japan! My excitement was beyond words–I was dreaming of this since I was a kid and I couldn’t believe we were finally going! There will be miracles when you believe!

I borrowed sd cards and filled around 10 gb with photos. In my excitement, most of those shots are blurry, though. I wanted to capture every moment but my hands wouldn’t cooperate, heh. I also wanted to fill my travel sketchbook with daily observations/food/people dorkwings but I couldn’t really decide if I wanted to draw or just stare at everything with happy tears streaming down my facee

(I did some drawings after, though, before I forget the happy memories. See my instagram for sneak peeks: @aphazia)

Here are some highlights of our Osaka trip. We went to Osaka, Nara, Kyoto and Tokyo.
Click each photo if you want to enlarge it. :)
Touchdown! First photo op, with vendo and Pikachu because why not:


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Icons of a typical workday

Inspired by a skillshare project from the noun project, I made handdrawn icons describing a typical workday:
Instagram, tea, a bit of exercise, art before breakfast, check the time, I might be late, make more art if there’s more time, read a bit if there’s time, walk, buy coconut juice, walk, wait for the light to be green, underpass, walk, admire the flowers, stairs, powder my sweaty self, toast my bread for my second breakfast, work, listen to music, sneak artmaking during lunch break :)


My first pen meet!

I was able to join the 3rd pen meet Manila last Saturday at Project Pie, and it was one of the funnest events I’ve attended. I didn’t know what to expect, since it was my first but I loved the energy and super enjoyed the time I spent with everyone–mostly friends from instagram and the local arts/crafts scene :)


I’m planning on joining the next one! Thanks, Sienne of inkcatcher for organizing this fun event! :)

I went to BGC after for the art mart and bought the following:


(see my instagram: @aphazia for details on who made what) :)

Teach What You Know Pampanga

I ticked off another item in my bucket list: Teach what I know in a workshop setting!

We commuted from Manila to Pampanga (some hijinks involving more than four hours of waiting in line for a bus ticket and for the actual bus to arrive ensued, but that’s another story) and arrived late because of it, oops-sorry! But we still got to make it and teach others what I know about fashion illustration.

One of my first “students” haha, Cora, a friend since college.



Group pic! Was happy I was still able to make it and share what I love with new and old friends. Thanks to Kat and Katha magazine for this photo!


Falling in love with brush calligraphy


I think I’m more in love with brush calligraphy than pointed pen calligraphy because I like it messy. Treated myself to a zig no. 22 brush from my recent Japan trip and I now get why a lot of people are crazy about this brush. The flex and control you get is amazing. :)


In other news, I treated myself to a leuchtturm 1917 notebook because I’ve bee caressing this one each time I see it. I believe the “free engraving” was the perfect excuse for me to splurge, and so I got one. No regrets!!

I’ve always wanted to experience having a thing of mine engraved. :)

Twyk pampanga!

My friends and I are planning an awesome artsy craftsy teach what you know/tambay/demo/mini-workshop at Pampanga! We hope you can join us there! I’ll be sharing my love for fashion illustration, and my friends will share their knowledge and love for rubbercut stamps, calligraphy and lettering, papercutting, and starting a business doing what you love! For only php250, your afternoon will be filled with arts and crafts and lots of good vibes and new friends!
Click below to register:


Poster by @thepapercat

Travel journaling, post-travel: Japan!

I realized that I’m the sort of person who’s very easily excited by the littlest things (if they’re stuff I love). During our vacation, I confess that even if I wanted to preserve every moment by drawing it, I was just too tired and distracted. I’m having fun doing it nowadays though! It makes me remember those happy moments through photos I took, or through memories I try to dig up. I challenged myself to fill up a coherent spread in a cheap notebook:


…and do detailed watercolored pages in my small hobonichi notebook (the paper is smooth and could handle a fair amount of wetness). I also made some project life spreads (see previous entry).

For both notebooks, I didn’t use pencils because I might end up erasing everything lol:


I did practice my pencil skills with this:


Project life spreads: Japan 2015

I promised myself I’d document my life more so I set aside an entire day for doing project life spreads for our recent japan trip. :)
I used a lot of those mt washi tapes and sakura stickers. I also wanted to include all of my faves about the trip–which is a lot!




I used most of the fliers and free brochures that caught my fancy and store paper bags and mag pages as background.