Art vs. Artist

I’m happy that this trend is back! Joining the Art vs. Artist challenge(?)

I have a lot of interests and I wanted to honor them all lol:


What I’ve been up to: March 2018

March was filled with qt with my family and with people close to my heart.

We went to Gandang Ganda Sa Sariling Gawa, a womancentric zine and art fair, and it made me so happy that there are lots of like-minded women in this corner of the world who are sharing their art. Here’s my loot:


I also had more time to experiment with different art forms.

Like making collages:

I sometimes catch the sunset when I ride the bus home. I try to take some photos whenever I can:

Loving my old uni posca markers and enjoying experimenting with them:

What I’ve been up to: February 2018

I’ve always felt that Valentine’s day is my kind of holiday: lots of cheesiness, flowers and chocolates galore, hearts hearts hearts plastered everywhere, and all those hues of pink and red.

This year, I received so many happy surprises from my partner, who remembered my fave flowers: gerberas, statice and carnations!

She also surprised me with a pamper kit (which serendipitously is also what I gave her lol) via a scavenger hunt and numerous (!!!) love letters. How’d I get this lucky?

We also went to Baler to surf together. The Joy bus ride was terrifying, tbh, but having someone hold my hand while I clutched theirs with a death grjp throughout the nerve-wracking ride made it (a bit) bearable. ♡

Loved the chill vibe of Charlie Does!

I’ve been dreaming of owning my very own Camel midori so I finally got one!

I also went to the Big Bad Wolf Booksale and almost fainted from happiness. Here are the books I got:

I focused on arts and crafts books since I know these are the really pricey ones that I’ve been eyeing in bookstores. We went twice but I think the best finds are found in the earlier days. Less messy bookpiles and less people too!

I got inspired to paint some sakura blossoms using fountain pen ink (oxblood):

Since I missed making collages, I made some collages recently as well. My books from the #bbwolfbooksph inspired me to make these:

Plus, I’ve been filling up my journal/planner pages daily:

I hope February has been kind to you too! 😙

What I’ve been up to: January 2018

Hello, friends! How has 2018 been treating you so far? I hope you’re doing great, and I hope you’ve been showering yourself with love and kindness. I have been taking care of myself more lately, and I’ve spent less time pressuring myself about all my 2018 goals and just going with the flow. I like this style more! Here are some of the highlights of my January. It’s my birthday month which makes it really special.

This month was filled with aromatherapy–I have been making mood-enhancing oil mixes using what I’ve learned from a perfume-making seminar eons ago and from some research and through following my nose haha. I can’t stop making them, and I carry some bottles in my bag daily.

I have also been painting more and filling up more pages in my journals and planners. I use several planners and journals and I don’t think I’ll ever just stick to one. I love using pretty paper!

I also am falling in love with a lot of cats from BGC. My day isn’t complete without petting them:

Not a cat but super cute so this has to be included:

Were you able to see the #superbluebloodmoon? I was so mesmerized by how magical it was. 🙂

I discovered I could make art using the notes function of my phone and my fingers. Enjoying it a lot. What stuff have you been enjoying lately? Tell me all about it! ♥️

A Yearender (or, so long 2017!), and 2018: The Year for Light

Whew, 2017 finally came to an end, and I couldn’t be more grateful. 2017 was my year for mindfulness, and at the beginning, I thought it would be all about more ways I could be more mindful in my thoughts and actions. To be honest, I envisioned myself all enlightened due to my daily meditations and super diligent in my journaling.


Boy was I ever wrong.


I’d like to think of all the things thrown my way as tests where I was unprepared–the big breakup, work changes, moving, etc. etc. I kept trying to tread water in flashflood after flashflood and in the end I finally gave up fighting it and decided it might be better to just float.


And float I did.


If those were tests, I’d like to think of myself as the master makeupper–wherein I took makeup tests because I haven’t learned my lessons yet. Those makeup tests involved lots of yoga and meditation (haha, it was a year of mindfulness after all), a trauma yoga workshop, a sound meditation workshop involving soundbathing, retreats in faraway places, going wayyy out of my comfort zone by dating again (lol), and learning how to ask for help when I’m drowning. It felt like one of those movie montage scenes after a breakup: finding myself, lots of self-discovery, trying new activities, learning what I look for in a partner (and what dealbreakers are), and also tons of #adulting. I am grateful I survived all of it, and I am grateful that I still have that optimistic side of me that knows that this too shall pass. And that I’ll pass those makeup tests, so help me, Universe!


I am glad my heart wasn’t hardened by everything–I believed in finding true love again (and my rose quartz crystals certainly put me in the right state of mind), and some time later, that’s exactly what happened.

The biggest lesson I learned this 2017 was trusting myself and my intuition, and taking care of myself as well. I learned that it’s okay to be vulnerable and not know the answers all the time. I learned how to take opportunities that would help me grow as a creative, even if it was out of my comfort zone. I learned that life wanted to give me nice surprises, if I opened my hands and eyes to them. I got magical messages from the Universe via the law of attraction and synchronicity. My family and friends were there for me when I needed them the most, and I am forever grateful.


We ended the year with a farm and beach trip, very similar to trips that saved my heart and sanity in the middle of the year, proof of the Universe’s magic yet again.


To you: Thank you very, very much.


Highlights of 2017:

❤ Hobonichi feature!

❤ Collab with Moleskine

❤ Live demo with National bookstore and

❤ Being asked to be a part of Creative market Dubai

❤ My own brush calligraphy has been turned into a font by (look for “Daydream”

❤ Meeting KB ❤

❤ Journaling a LOT.


My word for 2018 is light. Lightness of heart, without baggage or drama, and being a beacon of light for myself and others. Lightness of body too, if I’m in the mood for it, but since I am more for living in the moment and listening to what my body wants, that might take the backseat for a bit. I’ll try to eat healthier and exercise more though, the usual start of the year resolutions, heh.

My 2018 goals include:

❤ Making time for art

❤ Consistent journaling and writing

❤ Lots of selflove and selfcare

❤ Consistent yoga and meditation

❤ Kindness to myself and others

❤ Healthier food choices

❤ Using my best stuff now

❤ Living each day as if I paid for it already


I hope 2018 is kinder and brighter for all of us. From my still-beating heart to yours, have a great year ahead! 🙂
















What I’ve been up to: October/November 2017

My heart has been happier than usual lately and I’m finding pockets of time to make art!



Enjoying my #nopaintnogain sketchbook from @hueandai  (buy your own from @commonroomph!). If you follow me on instagram (@mabuhaydiy), you can see my timelapse videos of how I painted these. 🙂

Exploring the city with new eyes:


Making care packages and loving the gudak app:


Filling more and more pages in my journal!


How have you been? 🙂

Happy times: My very own font and being featured in the Hobonichi life book 2018

Hello! How have you been? I’ve been adjusting to my new work but am still here and I missed you. 🙂 I hope you’re doing well  as well.

I have fantastic news–my brush calligraphy has been turned to a font you can use!

It’s called “Daydream” and I was so honored to be a part of this project from together with Alessa from @lifeafterbreakfastph and @christine.herrin. I’m a fan of the works of these 2 ladies so this is beyond thrilling for me. 🙂


Check out to get the font. 🙂

P.s. I also got featured in Hobonichi’s 2018 life book together with my friends from hobonichi users ph group! I got so so excited because I’m a huge hobonichi fan.




Artsycraftsy challenge: my own sparkly handmade watercolor set

Wow can you believe it’s already half of 2017? I am happy to report that I feel buoyant because of friends and family, and this little fellow called “art”. 2017’s first half was pretty tough, but we do what we can do to stay afloat. For me that’s artambay with friends and milk tea and making art as often as I can.
How about you? Let me know if you have self-care tips!

I organized my sparkly handmade watercolors in an altoids tin. I super enjoyed making these!


Clockwise from top left: rose gold, mermaid gold, sunset gold, sakura gold, graphite gold, midnight gold, galaxy gold, pomegranate gold. 🙂

I also painted parts of the face for practice using handmade watercolor paint from @seamountainco:



The night before was Thursday night which meant it was #Artsythursdays wherein I paint more for myself:



Last night I painted