#booksiwanttomarry project

I started this project since Ella and I saw a book at National with illustrated bookshelves. I’ve been thinking of doing something like this for the longest time but seeing that book gave me that push. So I started this personal project, featuring books I love. It made me realize most of the books I love have been given away or loaned to friends though, so I’m making do with existing books here.




See more painted books on my instagram: @aphazia

More project life spreads

I was thinking I would be finished before midnight, but I realized a spread takes around an hour. Or thirty minutes, but definitely not five.
But I think I might be finished with my Melbourne spreada before June. I’m enjoying the process, so that’s what counts.

Also, I need more refills!



Bucket list item: My very own Project Life book

I first saw a Project Life spread in one of the blogs I was stalking years ago. I remember seeing those clear pockets and being amazed at how something as simple as partitions in clear book refills and color-coordinated cards could make such a huge world of difference, aesthetic-wise. The spreads I saw were lovely and filled with joy and I wanted one too, to be filled with memory triggers.

It isn’t that cheap, so it took me years before I finally decided to get one for my travel photos. I like actual books more than ebooks since I love the book smell and paper texture, and I wanted something tangible to remind me of those happy times and to encourage me to remember gratitude. So I got myself one last night and I was so excited about making a spread so I made one (which was more challenging than what I expected) featuring our first beach trip this year:



I slept less than 4 hours last night because of this haha. What I used: a handpainted watercolor background with ephemera, instax photos I covered with washi for added color, bits of washi for confetti, motex tapes using my dymo labelmaker, vintage transfer letters, handwritten text, vintage date stamp, more washi :)

I can’t wait to make more spreads!

Bucket list item: calligraphy/lettering atop my photos

I’ve always wanted to try this since I’ve seen it years ago and I was finally able to try it recently:



I’m pretty happy with my calligraphy progress as well. My hands are still shaky as hell, but practice makes permanent :)

I plan on writing this quote again in a month to check my progress. My friends have been doing it and I’m curious as to whether mine will improve as well.

Artfair 2015

I went to this year’s Art Fair twice because I loved the artworks so much. Everything was beautiful, and here are my faves:

From Nikki Ocean:



Daniel Dela Cruz is brilliant with his Alice metal sculptures, as always:



Kiligraphy field trip

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going to my fave places with my fave people-the kiligraphy gang!
I met these awesome friends through other awesome friends and I feel so blessed and lucky that I finally have a group of friends who share the same enthusiasm for arts and crafts and hoarding haha.

We went to Pinto Art Museum and then headed to Heima for Paper Stories, then ate at Kanto, ending at Natio and Art Fair 2015.

My wallet is starving but my heart is full.






I’ve been addicted to filling up my planner daily, thanks to stickers and colorful pens and washi tape. :) I thought of adding extra challenges per month, and shared this with fellow journal/planner lovers, or simply anyone who might enjoy a creative prompt.

This project, which I called #365goodvibes, is meant to be done one day a month, or maybe two, or maybe the whole month if you’re competitive, haha.

For January: Bucket list items.
One a day, explain, or write a list daily, like crafty bucket list, resto bucket list, adventures bucket list, etc. etc.

For February: I love…
Lists of things you love! Or lists of lists you like making haha

For March: Share knowledge
Time to share and give back! Share recipes you enjoy making, tips for how to get the best ukay picks if you’re a master ukayer, etc.

For April: Summer memories
What do you miss most about summer? Then make new memories by listing down summer-y plans


For May: Date yourself
Document how your date went. Do stuff you like, with someone you love—YOU!

For June: Creative tools
Share your fave tools and tell us about your workspace as well!

For July: Who are your heroes?
Mine is Lynda Barry. And Angelina Jolie.

For August: Travel wishlist
Draw or write about places you want to visit.

For September: Books you love
Or movies you love! Or both.

For October: Daily Mantra
Because you are beautiful

For November: Leave your comfort zone
Time to do all those stuff you swore you’d do in the early part of the year, heh

For December: Give thanks
Write love notes, give them, what makes you feel blessed and happy to be alive?

Tag your posts with #365goodvibes! Let’s do this!!