Beach painting


We went to Laiya last Christmas and I got to finally do one of my artsy fantasies: Paint near the shore. I brought my trusty Pentel waterbrush and attempted to paint what was in front of me at that time, which was Mt. Hugom, I think. I also picked up the corals nearest me and drew them. When the sun became too hot I stayed near the pool and used my calligraphy pen to do a quick drawing of the cottages. I like that when I look at them all the happy sunny memories come rushing back.


Do you keep a travel sketchbook too?

DIY: Merbird feather mobile


I can’t get summer out of my mind. During summer, time seems to slow down and colors seem brighter. My fondest summer memories involve beach trips with family and friends and a great beach read, or maybe a notebook for capturing doodles and musings.

Here’s a very easy mobile I made to help me bring a little summer to our house. Each time I see it, I am reminded of my favorite season, and the wait doesn’t seem so long. I used summery colors like melon, yellow, blue, gold and pink and used washi tapes with animal and nature prints.

I made what I call “merbird feathers” but you can make any shape you fancy: hearts or animal silhouettes or hipster triangles, heh.


What you’ll need:

– A pen for drawing the outline (or a pencil)

– Paper or soft cardboard (I used plain bond paper)

– Washi tape

– 1 paper straw (or a painted twig) You can buy washi tapes and paper straws from Hey Kessy (

– String (I used yarn but you can use twine, abaca string or lace)


Make it:

1. Insert the string through the straw. This will be your base.


2. Cut the string to your desired length and tie a knot. This will serve as the mobile handle.


3. Draw shapes in the paper, and then cut accordingly. Cover the shapes with washi tape. I did it diagonally. I suppose to mimic feathers I could cut them to a chevron pattern in the future.Image

4. Here’s how mine looked like in the front:


5. Here’s the back part. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, I personally like the random pattern at the back:


6. When you’ve finished cutting and washi taping all your shapes, it’s now time to position them on the paper straw. Cut string to desired length, and attach to the shapes using washi tape as well. For my merbird feathers, I’ve snipped off some edges to make it more feather-like in appearance.


7. Get the other end of the string, attach it to the paper straw base using a knot, and secure it with washi tape. You can also add a dab of glue if you want. Do this to all your shapes, and you’re done! Easy peasy.


Here is a closer look at the merbird feathers I have hanging on my summery mobile. 🙂 I have it hanging in our room, but you can also make mobiles for your doors, your office cube, or all the nooks and crannies in your home that need a bit of extra whimsy. Have fun! Image

I was a guest poster at Hey Kessy’s blog! Click here for my tutorial on how to embellish your artworks with washi tape. Thanks for having me, Hey Kessy!

Also, thank you to Meream of boredandcrafty for featuring me in her lovely and creative blog. Check it out here. 🙂

Merbird planner

Merbird planner

My father gave me a Starbucks planner for Christmas. I chose white so I could paint on it but changed my mind (drying time might be too long and I’m impatient like that) and decided to make a collage for the cover instead. Took out my washi tapes and markers and made a New Year Merbird.

The Merbird Story

I love discovering new craft activities to try and obsessing about them, then forgetting about them temporarily when some other craft activity distracts me. Blame it on my extremely short attention span.

For some time several years ago I had this idea to make felt plushies and brooches. I hoarded felt fabric from Divisoria and prepared to sew, until I realized that I didn’t really have the patience for sewing. I will forever be in awe of people who are able to draw using needles and thread.

Before giving up though, I drew brooch prototypes and one character magically appeared–a mythical creature that is half-bird, half-fish. I named her as a “merbird”, and promptly forgot about her. One day, years later, I became nostalgic and took a peek inside my old journals. I saw various studies of this said creature and began to draw her again, with her friends and family.

What’s not to love about birds and how they’re connected to dinosaurs? I am in love with birdsong and look forward to waking up each morning to it. They make me envious of their wings and how they harness the power of flight. Fishes remind me of the majestic beauty of the sea, and as a Capricorn (half-goat, half-fish), the melding of the elements of water, earth and air, really appeal to me.

I peppered the collage with polka-dotted washi, since polka dots bring forth prosperity, and I’m all for that.

Happy New Year! May this coming year provide you with plenty of good vibes and good cheer. 🙂 (And lots of creative endeavors!)

A new start

Mabuhay! I’m Drea. Welcome to my attempt to document my crafty (and sometimes artsyfartsy) adventures.

I’ve been interested in crafting and art since I was a kid and I truly believe that if we don’t repress it, every single one of us is an artist. Here then is my playground, where I let loose that messy, unafraid kid inside me (the one who isn’t afraid to make mistakes and the one who always has eyes filled with wonder), and here is where I hope you’d join me in celebrating DIY. I’m so glad you’re here. 🙂

Halikayo, gawa tayo! 🙂