My first commissioned washi fashion collage

I’m very excited about my first commissioned piece! The partner’s highschool friend asked me to create a washi fashion collage for her room, with an “oriental” theme and with the base color as red, since it’s her favorite color. I didn’t have red washi tape from my stash (eep) so it was serendipitous when my friend Geli was kind enough to share and swap her red washi tapes with me. Thanks Geli!

Here’s what I did:


I was also able to find some pretty feathers for my merbird. Here she is with her colorful tail and rubberstamped wings:


Liebster Award and V-day stamped cards!

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the awesome Eliza! Thanks Eliza! The Liebster Award is given to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.

Here are the rules:
Share 11 facts about yourself.
Answer the awarder’s 11 questions.
Ask 11 questions of your own.
Nominate 11 bloggers.

Since this is my craft blog, I’ve decided to share 11 Artsyfartsycraftsy facts about me instead.

11 Artsyfartsycraftsy facts about me:
1. I made zines as a kid. I was obsessed with mermaids and made one with a short story, a crossword puzzle, a riddle page, comics and fake mermaid bios. Cricket magazine was my source of inspiration back then.
2. I’m a hoarder of arts/crafts supplies. (not too proud of this, but I can’t help it!)
3. Since we didn’t have a gameboy or a family computer, we made a gameboy out of paper. The game was Popeye and the objective was to reach Olive Oyl, dodging the baddies and eating Spinach for strength along the way.
4. We had a gumamela shrub and I loved it so much. As a kid, I tucked it behind my ears and made bubbles with it and still fantasize about that gumamela jelly my mother said she made as a teen.
5. Influenced by Sweet Valley, I attempted to make my own YA novels using cheapo spiral notebooks. I had fun with the physical description part and drawing them on the first page but never got to finish them because of my extremely short attention span.
6. I was obsessed with no-cook fudge and pastillas as a kid. I was so obsessed and believed that it was a big deal that I drew the steps of the recipe. I saw the drawing recently, complete with overzealous ALL CAPS.
7. There was an old cookbook at home and I was searching for recipes that involved ingredients we already had and saw one recipe that seemed easy enough and didn’t need cooking. Turns out it was eggnog, which I didn’t fancy at all.
8. My mom encouraged me to craft. We’d make nature impression prints using leaves and kraft paper and use air-dry clay to create tiny pots and pans for my dolls.
9. I can never cut straight lines, even if I wanted to. I just can’t do it.
10. Because I’m not fond of sewing, I use pinking shears to prevent fabric from fraying, and to add that punky DIY effect. Or I’m making excuses because I’m too lazy to sew, heh.
11. I’m a spiritist, but I used to teach Sunday School at the Catholic church when I was in highschool (it was required by our school) and for Valentine’s day I brought some colored paper, scissors and crayons and told the kids to make V-day cards for their loved ones. I was so surprised and happy that they gave their cards to me afterwards and ended up bawling in front of the kids, haha.

Eliza’s questions, which I enjoyed answering:
1. What is your favorite color?
Pink! Right now I love this combo: Hot Pink, mint green and gold

2. If given the chance to live in a foreign country, where would you go?
I haven’t been to Japan and I think living there would be very interesting (crafty and fashionable people, lots of fat cats, my oh my). Melbourne, Australia is heavenly too. I’d love to live there and make and sell crafts and zines. Then I’d subscribe to Frankie magazine and attend craft expos. Mmm, craft expos.

3. What’s the last film you’ve seen? Did you like it?
Les Miserables. Quick story: When I was a little girl my dad would play cassette tapes of Les Miz (The London cast) during road trips and tell us the story behind each song. I grew to love it, almost to the point of memorizing each song, and often dreamt of there being a musical movie with stars I know. I didn’t like the first film (because it didn’t involve the songs) so this film is my dream, after more than ten years of dreaming about the concept itself. I am very biased and give it a rating of 5/5 stars. Also, yes, I was crying audibly all throughout the movie, haha. Opening credits pa lang namamaga na mata ko level haha.

4. What’s the last book you’ve read? Would you recommend it?
I was browsing through Jonathan Adler’s book: 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life at some bookstore and I felt so happy to be reading it at the start of the year. Very light, fun and inspiring.

5. What course did you finish in college? If given the chance to choose another course, what would it be?
Communication Arts. Wish I was brave enough to go after my dream course at that time, which was Fine Arts.

6. If someone’s going to make a film about your life, who would you choose to play your mother?
Ooh. Joan Chen maybe.

7. Favorite cake flavor? ice cream flavor?
Love this question! Haha. I like Brazo de Mercedes from Goldilocks and Costa Brava’s Caramel Cake. For my fave ice cream flavor, as of now I like salted caramel, earl grey and fruity blends. Also coffee! Not a chocolate fan, sorry.

8. What would you say is your talent? Show off with pictures if necessary. 😉
I can roll my tongue! Does that count?

9. Worst job experience?
No comment. Heh.

10. Worst vacation/trip so far?
None–I willed myself to forget those bad memories haha.

11. Best vacation/trip so far?
That backpacking trip to Europe back in college. Best ever.

Here are my questions:
1. Most inspiring place in the metro?
2. Who is your favorite local artist and why?
3. Who is your favorite foreign artist and why?
4. Dream craft skill
5. Your craft goal this year
6. Type of music you listen to while crafting
7. Favorite movie and book?
8. Favorite childhood activity related to arts/crafts?
9. Who are your craft idols? (link to their blogs too if you can!)
10. Favorite craft store locally
11. Describe your “craft area” at home, and share a photo if you like. 🙂

Tagging some of my favorite artsycraftsy Pinay bloggers. Hello, lovely ladies! I know you have more than 200 followers but I’d like to read your answers! 🙂
1. Allie
2. Geli
3. Mansy
4. Jonette
5. HeyLadySpring
6. Aizkim
7. Stars for dreams
8. Alessa
9. Bored and crafty
10. Googly Gooeys
11. The Fozzy book

Also! Have I mentioned that I love Valentine’s day? After Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday since it gives me an excuse to declare my love for everyone around me and to be as mushy and cheesy as possible. Last year I gave origami hearts to office friends, with little notes on why I think they rock. This year I plan on giving stamped cards!

I made these stamps while having dessert at my fave Korean restaurant in RCBC. I made a heart stamp and a lacy heart pattern stamp. Tested them out using bright red ink and pastels and tried a bit of that ombre effect:



I’m planning on having a Mabuhay DIY craft challenge soon, with handmade goodies to be given to a lucky participating crafter, so stay tuned!

Crayon-resist cards, Asterix collages and more stamped cards

Today was a productive craft day since I decided to save money and just stay home, just devoting an entire day to artsycraftsy activities.

My first project involved making an owl artwork for Tippy of Googly Gooeys. (Check out her site, it’s one of my favorites!) She sent me a beautiful watercolor painting with my name in calligraphy and I’m planning on making a future post involving all the beautiful handmade items I’ve received via mail. I love snailmail! I thought she might like something with owls because I remember that awesome owl mask she did at the Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party.
I drew the owl with a waterproof marker, used the crayon-resist method to draw some feathers, and painted the background using my Prang watercolor set. Then I stamped some flowers on top. I hope she likes it!


I made a pattern stamp the other day, inspired by Escher and Cubism:


Was in the mood for ice-cream, so I used these customizable ice-cream stamps I made a few weeks ago:


Then I took out my crayons and made crayon-resist cards. I was supposed to create a tutorial but got attacked by the lazies, heh. Plus I think we were taught this in grade school so I also felt a bit shy sharing what I think you might know already, haha.


Here are the other cards I made using the same technique:


I have some leftover crepe paper from making a surprise birthday gift ball for Kate, so I used it with cutouts from a German Asterix comic I got from Booksale and made a collage. I also used my Encanta sticker dots and washi tape from Hey Kessy.



Since I love Lumpy Space Princess, I made a clay pendant of LSP too!


Happy Weekend!

Playing with clay and making a zine

I ticked off two other items in my artsycraftsy bucket list recently.

The first one involved making clay pendants. When I was a kid I used to make small clay brownies complete with tiny nut pieces on top. I was also notorious for leaving clay traces everywhere that had a nice texture: tabletops, phone holes, cement walls, and even the tv logo, since I have just discovered the wondrous world of embossing then. I liked the brightly-colored tiny blocks and play-doh. My birthday falls near Christmas and my parents probably observed how obsessed I was with clay and I was the lucky recipient of a Play-Doh Ice Cream Parlor set (Two of my favorites in one package!). I think the seven-year-old me hyperventilated and cried then (just like I do now whenever I get too excited). That toy was passed on to younger cousins, but I still remember the hours of fun I had playing with it, pretending I was creating ice cream concoctions using clay.

Anyway! Here are the pendants I’ve made. I used baker’s twine from Hey Kessy for that soft, whimsical appeal.  Image

The next item is: “Make a zine”. My obsession with zines started when I read stuff about it online when I was in college. I would get free copies during events or I would buy them during zine expos and I am just so blown away by how unique each zine is. I am in awe of zinesters like Nicole Georges (Invincible Summer) or Summer Pierre (How To Be An Artist In The Workplace), and even more amazed when I was able to score a copy of Invincible Summer (the anthology version) at Booksale, and get a copy of Summer Pierre’s limited edition zine from Ms. Pierre herself! It’s a great time to be a fangirl, haha.

I made the first issue a few years ago and made the second issue a few months after that. Gave the second issue to my penpal and forgot to make myself a copy, heh. Also, I made this third issue during lunch break so I was in a hurry and I wrote “volume 3” instead of “issue 3”, oops. Gave away 5 copies to Instagram friends (I’m aphazia over there), and each issue is cut by hand and I still can’t cut a straight line, so dear recipients I’m sorry if they’re wonky. Still hope you like ’em though!

Being a ‘zinester’ in the future is now in my dream list. 🙂


DIY: Pattern stamps, sea glass pendants and calligraphed washi cards

I drank a lot of tea yesterday and couldn’t sleep. Since I knew I didn’t have to wake up early the next day (yay!), I brought out my craft supplies and crafted the night away. Alessa‘s pattern stamps had me so inspired that I tried and made some of my own. Before carving though, I tried to make a rainbowy stamp pad first, using tube watercolors. Pink is my favorite color so there has to be pink there too:


The first pattern stamp I did (lower right) reminded me of Mexican bunting or Papel picado. I got so excited by the results that I made another one. This time I didn’t plan a design, I mostly wanted to test the wood carving tools Rox so generously lent me. I actually like the results, which looks like a galaxy (leftmost).Image

The other day I found my sea glass stash. I got it from our Laiya trip years ago with office friends. It was rainy and I saw that the shore was filled with sea glass, which I adore. When they saw me scanning the shoreline for these, my office friends went searching for them as well, and I ended up with more than a fistful because of their help. 🙂 For our assignment in fashion design class last year, we were tasked to design gowns for a wedding. My wedding was sea-themed, and the bridal gown was light and lacey, the color of sand,  embroidered with accents that mimic the sea: tiny coral-colored beads, and intricate wire-wrapped bits of sea glass.

I painted the sea glass with acrylic paint, and am planning on making it a pendant. Here they are inside my handmade stoneware that I made in pottery class:Image

Made some washi cards with calligraphy the other day too!


Craft snack: Oranges, my favorite fruit after Philippine mangoes. Look how Lanelle Abueva’s stoneware plate made them look all the more appealing and yummy:Image

DIY: Collaged washi cards

I was organizing my craft box the other day and I stumbled upon an old MT tape brochure I got from Heima years ago. I remembered how my love affair with washi tape started and until now I’m still excited about the endless possibilities washi tape can offer. I saw a project in the brochure involving polaroid and colored paper as art, stuck to the wall with washi tape. It inspired me to make these collaged washi cards, using the most abundant material at home: magazine cutouts!

What you’ll need:

– Cardstock (I used blank index cards but I bet brown cardstock would look amazing!)

– Colored paper (Or interesting-looking paper: Construction paper, crepe paper, art paper, origami paper, scrapbook patterned paper, vintage book pages, graphing paper)

– Cutouts from magazines (You can also check out nice images from newspapers! Or use your own artwork. 🙂 )


1. Fold your cardstock in half. Cut the colored paper in a size a bit smaller than the cardstock. I used pinking shears because I can never cut a straight line. Heh. Position it wherever you want.


2. Decide where you’ll place your cutout, you can use a dab of glue to stick it to the cardstock too.


3. Use washi tape to decorate the edges and to also stick all the elements to the card. I used the round edge puncher given to me by Nayna (Thank you!) to round off the edges.


4. Voila! Instant collaged washi card!

Here are the other cards I did. I used a brown paper bag as the colored paper and cut the image with pinking shears for the first one. For the second one, I tore the colored paper for a distressed effect. Have fun making your collaged washi cards! 🙂 I’d love to see what you can come up with!


Birthday salubong and pottery wonderland

For a change, I welcomed my birthday the other day with an artsycrafty salubong. I picked out two creative prompts from my magic tin of creativity and made two journal pages. The first one was a mock album cover, based on one of my favorite albums, which is Cynthia Alexander’s Insomnia and Other Lullabies:


The second challenge involved creating a journal page using only one base color.Image

On the day of my birthday, we visited Crescent Moon in Antipolo. Two words: Ceramic wonderland. Lanelle Abueva is a genius. Take a look:



Here’s my loot. Plates that look good enough to eat, and a tiny teacup and saucer:Image

Artsycraftsy goals for 2013

I always enjoy listing down things I’d like to try this lifetime and last year was special, because it was particularly filled with travel-related adventures and craft-related ventures. To motivate myself, I made a list for this year, and this is also me informing the Universe about a very concrete wishlist. Image

What are your craft goals for 2013? 🙂

2012 in Craft events

2012 was a revelation. I stepped out of my crafty comfort zone and got to meet a lot of wonderful and generous crafters who are more than willing to share their passion and sources of supplies and inspiration. I feel really blessed to have met these people and to have experienced just being around them–I felt like a giddy fangirl most of the time, and a shameless one at that, haha. I have been dreaming of meeting kindred spirits when it comes to crafting and I got more than what I wished for last year. I met craft soulmates, sisters, girlcrushes, idols, mentors, superstars. To all of you, thank you for being a part of my happy crafting life and I look forward to more craft adventures with you! 🙂

Life After Breakfast’s 3rd craft soiree
I was so excited drooling over the handmade items that I failed to take more photos (and most photos were blurry due to my excited shaky hands, haha). I do have a lot of photos of the yummy food, though, being the glutton that I am.

Here’s the only non-shaky photo I have with people–and I didn’t even take the photo, eep.


I got a lot of wonderful handmade goodies and they still never fail to make me smile:


Thanks for organizing this Alessa! Excellent idea!

Etsy Craft Party 1 and 2


I was able to attend not just one, but two lovely Etsy parties. I can’t wait for the next one. The first one involved us designing takas, and the second one involved us making vintage postcards using the craft supplies that Michaels sent.

Alessa’s Crafty Birthday Party
Here’s where I first met crafting superwoman, Alessa. Great noms, great people, great cause. Hope you had a great birthday as well, Alessa! Here’s the merbird I designed for the tote bag:Image

Hey Kessy’s Messy Washi Party
Such fun! I especially liked being around fellow washi hoarders/lovers, hehe. Read more about it here.


Craft dates!

An impromptu Design-Your-Own Onigiri event
We were just supposed to have a TWYK (Teach What You Know) session, but by some stroke of luck, Allie, Geli and I were able to participate in an onigiri-designing event, courtesy of birthday girl Nikka at Wabi-Sabi. Thanks Nikka!

Pottery dates with Poxers

10A Alabama Handmade Fair (or my 1st bazaar experience)

I’m so glad I got to meet a lot of supporters of the handmade movement in this fair. Thank you for the support and encouragement!

Hello, 2013! Let’s keep creating and sharing! 🙂

Sketchbook adventures

Whenever we travel somewhere, I always make sure I bring my travel sketchbook so I could easily trap memories there. I read somewhere (I think from one of Danny Gregory’s books) that you could really remember nearly everything about a certain place if you drew it, and from my experience, it’s true. Scents, sounds, and other details come rushing back when I look at previous sketches, no matter how hastily drawn they were.

Thought I’d share with you some pages from my recent sketchbook. I promised myself that I’d do more creating, drawing and sharing for 2013.



Do you keep a travel sketchbook too? Do share!