DIY: Pattern stamps, sea glass pendants and calligraphed washi cards

I drank a lot of tea yesterday and couldn’t sleep. Since I knew I didn’t have to wake up early the next day (yay!), I brought out my craft supplies and crafted the night away. Alessa‘s pattern stamps had me so inspired that I tried and made some of my own. Before carving though, I tried to make a rainbowy stamp pad first, using tube watercolors. Pink is my favorite color so there has to be pink there too:


The first pattern stamp I did (lower right) reminded me of Mexican bunting or Papel picado. I got so excited by the results that I made another one. This time I didn’t plan a design, I mostly wanted to test the wood carving tools Rox so generously lent me. I actually like the results, which looks like a galaxy (leftmost).Image

The other day I found my sea glass stash. I got it from our Laiya trip years ago with office friends. It was rainy and I saw that the shore was filled with sea glass, which I adore. When they saw me scanning the shoreline for these, my office friends went searching for them as well, and I ended up with more than a fistful because of their help. 🙂 For our assignment in fashion design class last year, we were tasked to design gowns for a wedding. My wedding was sea-themed, and the bridal gown was light and lacey, the color of sand,  embroidered with accents that mimic the sea: tiny coral-colored beads, and intricate wire-wrapped bits of sea glass.

I painted the sea glass with acrylic paint, and am planning on making it a pendant. Here they are inside my handmade stoneware that I made in pottery class:Image

Made some washi cards with calligraphy the other day too!


Craft snack: Oranges, my favorite fruit after Philippine mangoes. Look how Lanelle Abueva’s stoneware plate made them look all the more appealing and yummy:Image


4 thoughts on “DIY: Pattern stamps, sea glass pendants and calligraphed washi cards

  1. You took a fashion design class and a pottery-making class? Wow! You just keep getting more and more awesome, Drea. 😀 The colors on your stamp pad, the painted sea glass, the handmade pot, and the shot of your oranges on that lovely green plate made my evening. 🙂

      • As I do yours! your comments are always so cheerful and genki. Thank you too for reading my posts and for continually being awesome.

        As for my grand bucket list, I actually haven’t tried making one yet. I always end up thinking I might just keep adding and adding stuff until it becomes so long I can’t see the end of it! (exaj much?) But yeah, maybe I should give this a try, eh? ^_^*

      • Try it! I recently discovered that at the end of the year even without intentionally pursuing said goals in the list, most of them get ticked off! You just have to clarify with the Universe and she’d help haha. 🙂

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