Playing with clay and making a zine

I ticked off two other items in my artsycraftsy bucket list recently.

The first one involved making clay pendants. When I was a kid I used to make small clay brownies complete with tiny nut pieces on top. I was also notorious for leaving clay traces everywhere that had a nice texture: tabletops, phone holes, cement walls, and even the tv logo, since I have just discovered the wondrous world of embossing then. I liked the brightly-colored tiny blocks and play-doh. My birthday falls near Christmas and my parents probably observed how obsessed I was with clay and I was the lucky recipient of a Play-Doh Ice Cream Parlor set (Two of my favorites in one package!). I think the seven-year-old me hyperventilated and cried then (just like I do now whenever I get too excited). That toy was passed on to younger cousins, but I still remember the hours of fun I had playing with it, pretending I was creating ice cream concoctions using clay.

Anyway! Here are the pendants I’ve made. I used baker’s twine from Hey Kessy for that soft, whimsical appeal.  Image

The next item is: “Make a zine”. My obsession with zines started when I read stuff about it online when I was in college. I would get free copies during events or I would buy them during zine expos and I am just so blown away by how unique each zine is. I am in awe of zinesters like Nicole Georges (Invincible Summer) or Summer Pierre (How To Be An Artist In The Workplace), and even more amazed when I was able to score a copy of Invincible Summer (the anthology version) at Booksale, and get a copy of Summer Pierre’s limited edition zine from Ms. Pierre herself! It’s a great time to be a fangirl, haha.

I made the first issue a few years ago and made the second issue a few months after that. Gave the second issue to my penpal and forgot to make myself a copy, heh. Also, I made this third issue during lunch break so I was in a hurry and I wrote “volume 3” instead of “issue 3”, oops. Gave away 5 copies to Instagram friends (I’m aphazia over there), and each issue is cut by hand and I still can’t cut a straight line, so dear recipients I’m sorry if they’re wonky. Still hope you like ’em though!

Being a ‘zinester’ in the future is now in my dream list. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Playing with clay and making a zine

    • A zine is basically a handmade book filled with any kind of topic under the sun, I think. Sometimes it has themes. Sometimes it has comics. I think of it as a punkrock handmade magazine hehe. Here’s a post about a book about zines that I wish I could have:

      Try making one too! Mine has a mishmash of things I fancy: a recipe I like, favorite things, observations, doodles, etc. It’s really up to the maker to decide what to include in her/his zine. 🙂

      • Parang masaya yan, ah! Sige, maybe sometimes soon, I can try my hand at making one. It will be fun feeling the warm photocopied paper and smell the powder ink, parang college days ulit. 😀

  1. Urgh I haven’t touched my clay tools in a long while :/ I think I should make a schedule so I can practice all my crafty hobbies XD

    Love the merbird ❤ and the white shell(?).

    • Thanks! 🙂 Yes, make time for crafting! Love your Murakami shelf photo, the cranes are perfect in that setting 🙂 Bagay!

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