Crayon-resist cards, Asterix collages and more stamped cards

Today was a productive craft day since I decided to save money and just stay home, just devoting an entire day to artsycraftsy activities.

My first project involved making an owl artwork for Tippy of Googly Gooeys. (Check out her site, it’s one of my favorites!) She sent me a beautiful watercolor painting with my name in calligraphy and I’m planning on making a future post involving all the beautiful handmade items I’ve received via mail. I love snailmail! I thought she might like something with owls because I remember that awesome owl mask she did at the Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party.
I drew the owl with a waterproof marker, used the crayon-resist method to draw some feathers, and painted the background using my Prang watercolor set. Then I stamped some flowers on top. I hope she likes it!


I made a pattern stamp the other day, inspired by Escher and Cubism:


Was in the mood for ice-cream, so I used these customizable ice-cream stamps I made a few weeks ago:


Then I took out my crayons and made crayon-resist cards. I was supposed to create a tutorial but got attacked by the lazies, heh. Plus I think we were taught this in grade school so I also felt a bit shy sharing what I think you might know already, haha.


Here are the other cards I made using the same technique:


I have some leftover crepe paper from making a surprise birthday gift ball for Kate, so I used it with cutouts from a German Asterix comic I got from Booksale and made a collage. I also used my Encanta sticker dots and washi tape from Hey Kessy.



Since I love Lumpy Space Princess, I made a clay pendant of LSP too!


Happy Weekend!

4 thoughts on “Crayon-resist cards, Asterix collages and more stamped cards

  1. Ang ganda lang ng lahat! ❤ i haven't had a whole day just for crafting for the past few weeks (busy nanaman hay). Let's have that crafting sesh soon please! 🙂

    • Thanks Allie! Hehe tetext dapat kita nung Sat pero ang pagkakaalala ko me lakad ka hehe. Game ako weekday after work this week, kahit chikahan lang! 🙂

  2. I… actually don’t know how to crayon-resist. (That came out rather oddly, like I can’t resist crayons. Hmm.) Your post and all the pretty colors makes even more curious! Mind making a tute for it some time? 🙂

    • Hi Jonette!
      It’s fairly easy! 🙂 Sure, will make a tute soon! 🙂 Also, will be having a Mabuhay DIY craft challenge involving crayon-resist cards! It involves a giveaway, so stay tuned! 🙂

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