New papercut banner and a selfie

I’ve been planning on making my own banner for this blog for the longest time and I was finally able to do it today!

Incorporated some DIY elements like stitches, DIY tools (pencil, scissors, a paintbrush) and my very own merbird and cursive handwriting. It’s also inspired by balloons because I like ’em and they commemorate my eternal state of hyperactivity. I’m hoping they’d remind me to stay hopeful and positive eternally too.


Inspired by Mansy’s self-portrait and that I Made Face app, I made a papercut version of mah face and my favorite expression:


I’m planning on challenging myself by making a papercut of one of my favorite quotes. To be honest, I’ve always had the worst handwriting ever, and it pulled down my average grade back in grade school because I always got seventy somethings in penmanship, haha :

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.“- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wish me luck!

Papercutting, I think I love you

I made some new papercuts!

Here’s Zaria’s Dream, with her fat kitty:


This one’s a request by Tatin, she saw my post of the fat kitty papercut and requested I make one of her chow chow. I’m a bit afraid of dogs (some childhood trauma) but her dog’s so cute and almost looks like a bear (and I love bears) so I gave it a try:


What do you think? 🙂 I’m really enjoying the act of cutting paper now. I realized I still can’t cut straight lines and letters but I’ll keep on practicing. Am also reading some books and blogs about it and learning a lot! This just might be my latest obsession after rubbercut stamping, and calligraphy before that. The best thing I love about this crafty activity is that it just requires a table (I have yet to try making one at home!), a comfy chair, a cutting mat, a cutter and paper. I use plain bond paper, but I’ve also tried using paper from my sketchbook and I’ve also tried using index cards. I think I like plain bond paper the most.

I’ve read reviews of papercut artists using this: Xacto 3051 Professional Swivel Knife, and now I’m thinking of investing in one, since I have a hard time cutting curves. Anyone know where I can buy this and how much? 🙂

Artsycraftsy bucket list weekend

An Alice-themed Dr.Sketchy Sketchmob, joining Ukulele Manila and trying sidewalk chalk art! All those items were ticked off my bucket list today, Yay!

I’ve always wanted to join in the events of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Philippines and I was able to join them today in a sketchmob at the fort today (another item in ze list!). I got even more excited when I found out that the theme was Alice, which I loved.

While waiting, I was able to try Carmen’s Best Salted Caramel ice cream at the Echo Store (new fave tambay place!) while I did this papercut entitled “Amihan’s Dream”:


The other day I made another papercut that I called “Lyra’s Dream”. Am planning to make a series of papercuts revolving around the themes of dreaming, flights of fancy and feminism. Maybe I can make that “Have my works displayed in an art exhibit” dream come true some day soon? (Hint, hint, Universe) Haha. 🙂

Met up with a friend from fashion school and we got to know the awesome people behind the event.


Free tattoo stickers!


Here’s the first pose:
Which I tried to draw using my favorite drawing tool, my calligraphy pen, and then I realized that using it to draw in less than 15? 20? minutes was more stressful than satisfying. Especially when I couldn’t erase errors and had to draw hands. I really have a hard time drawing hands. Must practice more:


Did the next drawing using a normal pencil this time:


After that I got to meet some of the great guys from Ukulele Manila. I shamelessly introduced myself to them and told them I wanted to be part of their group and they were very gracious and welcoming. (I’m now a part of their group too!). The partner and I have been jamming with my lolo’s pamana ukelele each night (that I covered with washi in this post and I can’t wait to learn more about playing it and jamming with the group. 🙂
Saw beautiful lampposts at BGC:


Got to try another item from my bucket list: Sidewalk chalk art! Huzzah! The Doodle Art Enthusiasts group was there at the BGC walkway, doodling with colorful chalk and accommodating doodle requests. Was able to doodle as well, some LSPs and my merbird!
‘Twas a lovely, artsycraftsy day. ❤ Happy Sunday!

Latest papercutting attempts

I’m glad that papercutting and I are now friends. It was a bit awkward when I met her a few years ago and it might have been my design which was too ambitious or my huge cutter which always accidentally cut places that shouldn’t be cut. I’m still learning a lot about what kind of cuts I enjoy making and which to avoid (I’m still struggling with letters) but I find the overall experience enjoyable this time.

Some papercuts I made:

This one’s called “Pandora’s Dream”:




DIY solid perfume, homemade jam and Art Fair Phils 2013 preview

So happy I got to tick off several items in my craft bucket list today!

1. Create my own scent, make solid perfume:
Got my recipe from BUST magazine, and tweaked it to my liking. Ended up with this rollable solid perfume, which smells like that Olive spray from Body Shop with tangerine notes and a hint of mint.

2. Make my own jam:
I got the recipe from BUST magazine as well! I tweaked it again, and the result is this Chili Strawberry Basil jam:

Here are my handmade homemade items, decorated with washi, lace tape, and a calligraphed label:


3. Make my own decorative tape:

I also made ,my own fabric tape using nice trim! It was a bit tedious though, since I hated cutting straight lines, so I’ll probably just do this to the amount that I have to use at that moment:

Today I also attended Art Fair Philippines 2013 (post about it soon!) and left it feeling inspired and fangirly.
Everything was incredible. All the artists are so talented and creative–go see it for yourself, the exhibit’s still up till February 10.

Here are some of my faves:
“Dream Awakening” by Daniel Dela Cruz (metal sculpture)


“Cessation of Birds’ Song (Dusk)” by Geraldine Javier


“Untitled 1-10” by Bernardo Pacquing


This piece made with thread on silk by Eugenia Alcaide


“Moon Roof” by Louie Cordero (with a shell frame)


P.S. I’m working on a project involving another item in my grand bucket list, which is to self-publish a book. This time it would be filled with some flash fiction that I wrote and handmade mixed media collages involving crafts I made recently. So excited about this, stay tuned!

P.S.S. Just saw more than ten sets of fireworks, it felt so magical. My year of Magic and Wonder has been unfolding like a very good dream recently, thanks to the Universe. Happy Chinese New Year!

First craft feature in PDI, handmade V-day cards, washi’d uke

Just sharing the happy news: My washi projects were featured in a major broadsheet, last Saturday. Check out the article online here. One of my craft idols, Fozzy, mentioned my washi collages to Pam of PDI and this is the result. Thank you so much Fozzy and PDI! It’s such an honor to be featured alongside other crafty Pinays (who are also my craft idols, by the way). I feel so lucky and blessed! 🙂


I think I might have mentioned that V-day is one of my favorite holidays, since it gives me the excuse to be extra-mushy and cheesy, haha. Thought I’d send some V-day surprise snailmail to some friends, featuring LSP and handmade cards:


Hope they like it!

I also received a nice surprise last weekend, my lolo’s ukulele! I’ve been interested in taking uke lessons and I told myself I would if this was found (it survived Ondoy and countless floodings in our hometown, Malabon) and I guess this is a sign. Perfectly timed! I covered it with washi tape to make it personalized. This makes me even more excited to learn!Image.

Experimented with making handmade paper medallions for decor for a friend’s event. Can’t wait!


DIY: Miniature trompe l’oeil beach view and papercutting attempts

Happy Friday, everyone!

I was checking our old beach photos and getting a bit nostalgic. I miss the beach and that summery vacation vibe, that excitement of looking forward to exploring our glorious islands and being one with nature–when it occurred to me: why not bring the beach to me? I’d love to be able to imagine that each day the beach is just outside our window, within my reach.

It’s an easy way to brighten your walls and remind you of how lucky we are to be living in a tropical paradise:

What you’ll need:

-A colored printout of a beach photo (or any photo of nature, or what you want to see), I wanted it to be miniature so I printed it in a super small size, but it’s up to you

-Washi tape (preferably brown to mimic windows or white or gray)

-Lace tape (optional)



1. Place a washi tape border on all sides of your photo:


2. Trim evenly and cut a thin strip of washi to be pasted in the middle to mimic a window. I did it three ways here: horizontally, vertically and both ways. I also added a strip of real lace tape to mimic lace curtains. You could also stick real fluttering fabric if you want, for that whimsical effect:


Enjoy your beach view!

In other news, I have my list of crafty challenges and papercutting is one of them. Inspired by Rob Ryan’s intricate papercuts, I have attempted to make my own papercut art several years ago and failed miserably. I sucked at it, and almost nicked myself so I stopped and decided that it just wasn’t for me. Fueled by the new year and inspired by local crafters, I challenged myself today to try it again and made a merbird for my first attempt:


I felt more satisfied with the results now than the results before so I made another one:Image

I felt like doing another one without thinking of a design in mind. I just wanted to cut shapes that are angular since I discovered that I didn’t really enjoy cutting curves, but then out of the blue this forest was formed and this kitty emerged. And then the fishes arrived:


I surprised myself with this one, I never imagined I would like the act of papercutting, but now I do. Can’t wait to create other papercut designs in the future. 🙂