Latest papercutting attempts

I’m glad that papercutting and I are now friends. It was a bit awkward when I met her a few years ago and it might have been my design which was too ambitious or my huge cutter which always accidentally cut places that shouldn’t be cut. I’m still learning a lot about what kind of cuts I enjoy making and which to avoid (I’m still struggling with letters) but I find the overall experience enjoyable this time.

Some papercuts I made:

This one’s called “Pandora’s Dream”:





11 thoughts on “Latest papercutting attempts

  1. Ang pi-pino ng cuts! Galing talaga, Andrea. the lashes on Pandora just kill me, as well as the entire thing! The papercut seals are also winners. How do you manage with such fine details?

    • Hehe thank you so much! Actually challenge sya kase hirap na hirap din ako. Haha. Still learning about it and the techniques I personally prefer. 🙂 Try mo din!

    • Thanks, Eula! 🙂 I still have your parcel waiting to be sent! Apologies for the delay, but next week will mail it promise 🙂

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