Papercutting, I think I love you

I made some new papercuts!

Here’s Zaria’s Dream, with her fat kitty:


This one’s a request by Tatin, she saw my post of the fat kitty papercut and requested I make one of her chow chow. I’m a bit afraid of dogs (some childhood trauma) but her dog’s so cute and almost looks like a bear (and I love bears) so I gave it a try:


What do you think? 🙂 I’m really enjoying the act of cutting paper now. I realized I still can’t cut straight lines and letters but I’ll keep on practicing. Am also reading some books and blogs about it and learning a lot! This just might be my latest obsession after rubbercut stamping, and calligraphy before that. The best thing I love about this crafty activity is that it just requires a table (I have yet to try making one at home!), a comfy chair, a cutting mat, a cutter and paper. I use plain bond paper, but I’ve also tried using paper from my sketchbook and I’ve also tried using index cards. I think I like plain bond paper the most.

I’ve read reviews of papercut artists using this: Xacto 3051 Professional Swivel Knife, and now I’m thinking of investing in one, since I have a hard time cutting curves. Anyone know where I can buy this and how much? 🙂

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