Ticking off items from my crafty bucket list and new music-inspired papercuts

It’s only March but I’m glad to report that I’m feeling accomplished lately when I check out my artsycraftsy bucket list.
I was invited by Genie to join this fab foodie blogging event called “Our Growing Edge”. Read more about it here.

It’s no secret that I love food and eating, and this year has been turning out to be a very good year for food (diet schmiet!).

Aside from being able to finally taste food items and restos that are on my gluttonous wishlist (Carmen’s Best, Echo store resto, Stella and Circles, among others), I was also able to tick off food-related items from my artsycraftsy bucket list:

1. Make my own jam. Full post here.
I was pleasantly surprised with the end-product, and although it was pinker than the usual, it tasted just like what you’d imagine a chili-strawberry-basil jam to taste like. Meaning, it was edible, which was a relief. Haha.


2. Make a bento for me and my life partner. She’s on a raw diet so it was a bit harder to come up with a meal that wasn’t too light and to think of ways to design the bento, but I took it as a challenge. Read more about it in this post.


Here’s my updated artsycraftsy bucket list (it’s still growing, by the way!)

* Try embroidery
* Embroider on paper
* Make my own chalkboard paint
* Paint chip art
* Make that wrap dress
* Paint on those wooden matryoshkas
* Make a “tribute to artists I love” post/craft
* Make a paper quilt

I also made some new papercuts! They’re inspired by songs from Tegan and Sara and Stars (I still have a concert high):
Walking with a ghost/We don’t want your body:


Tried to make a 3d/pop-up papercut, words from my favorite Stars song, and a gentle reminder to continue living with hope and a happy heart:

5 thoughts on “Ticking off items from my crafty bucket list and new music-inspired papercuts

    • Hihi thank you! 5 hours in the making yan whew (inclusive of shopping for the containers and the ingredients) 🙂

  1. A raw diet? Is she on that forever or just for a bit?
    I made strawberry vanilla bean jam when I was in my morning sickness trimester and I couldn’t eat it. After cooking it just the smell was too much. Needless to say, many friends were gifted the jam!

    • Just a bit, until their physical exam on August, but I’m telling her she should continue it if the results are drastically favorable. 🙂 Ooh, I bet that strawberry vanilla bean jam is delicious! 🙂

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