Artsycraftsy interview: Yas Doctor

I’ve always been intrigued by the sketchbooks of artists and how they give me a glimpse of their adventures and how they see the world. The sketchbook art of Yas is particularly interesting. Her sketches of food fascinate me with their quirkiness and detail. This quirkiness is evident in her other works as well. I am blown away by her skills and creativity in making art using various kinds of medium–I’ve seen her fantastic works using acrylic paint, polymer clay, watercolor and even rubbercuts! Idol!


1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your art/craft.

Hello, I’m Yas Doctor and I’m an illustrator / painter based in Manila.

2. What are your favorite tools in creating art and why do you love them?

Before, I’m into oil and acrylic. Watercolor was a huge pain at first so it took me some time to get used to it. Now, I mostly work with watercolor and acrylic but I’m going back to using oil, it’s been a while since I opened my bottle of linseed. Why I love to use them? I don’t know, I guess I enjoy using them. 🙂

3. Can you tell us about your daily routine or your artistic process?

I do my best to wake up before 9. It’s best that I don’t go beyond that. Then do my usual day-to-day home chores. After that, it’s the work area.

When an idea pops in my head, I hold on it and tweak it later on. When this happens, I know I’m on the right path. Otherwise, I work on different studies until I can come up with something useful. Sometimes I go for a walk to help organize my thoughts.

4. What inspires you? What makes you excited?

Traveling. Meeting, seeing different people and places and experiencing new cultures. I like that feeling of going to a different place and then coming home, going back to your work area feeling refreshed and ready to work.

5. Who are the local and foreign artists you admire the most?

MTM (How 90s of me)

6. Most inspiring place in the Philippines?

The Cordilleras. I wish I owned a hardcore SUV or a pick-up and so I could just drive around the region. Sagada, for me, is completely love at first sight.

7. If you were stuck in an island and could only bring one art/craft tool with you, what would it be and why?

Paper + a non-art tool: a box of matches. Burn some scrap wood and you have charcoal. Also, you can use the box of matches until you learn how to make fire.

8. Favorite snack/s while creating art?

Chips. Haha! I drink lots of tea or coffee while working.

9. Earliest childhood memory related to arts/crafts?

Playing with my father’s art materials and scraps in his studio.

10. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a saint. I thought it was an awesome job. You get to travel a lot! But then you’ll get tortured and get killed.

11. What’s your current job now? 

Freelance illustrator / painter

12. Favorite books and/or movies?

Ernest Hemingway’s “A Moveable Feast”  / “In the mood for love”

13. What is your philosophy when creating/making art?

Always be curious: jot down notes, work on some doodles, and take photos if you have to!

BONUS question:

The Universe starts from scratch and you’re given the chance to be reincarnated as a famous artist. Which artist would you choose and why?

Oh, this is difficult. If the Universe starts from scratch and I’m given the chance to be reincarnated, well, I hope I end up being good person and have some of the qualities of the artists I idolize. I hope that’s not too much and I hope I made sense. 🙂

Where can we see your awesome work? What are you working on right now?

Right now, I’m working on a commissioned project and I’m still working on my studies. You can check some of my works on 🙂

Thanks Yas!

All images taken from the behance site of Yas Doctor (


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