Book Making Workshop at 98B

I was lucky enough to secure a slot in 98B’s Independent Book Making Workshop last June 9. I’ve always been fascinated with handmade books bound with love so I jumped at this chance to learn more techniques.

Because I was too excited, I arrived two hours earlier and explored the Escolta area for a bit. Ended up eating at the quaint Escolta Ice Cream and Snacks, where I had hearty chicken adobo and two scoops of Big Scoop mint choco chip ice cream–my fave! I had two hours to spare so I started drawing–I’m teaching myself how to draw using only a ballpoint pen. I like it more than drawing with a pencil since itΒ  forces me to accept that mistakes are part of the entire learning process:

Before the workshop started, I browsed through some of the wares and books in 98B’s library:


We were going to be taught by Mira Asriningtyas and Dito Yuwono from Yogyakarta Indonesia. They showed us some beautiful handmade books and I couldn’t decide on a favorite–they were all so lovely and interesting:


This one has tea leaves inside:


Here’s Mira telling us about Lir–which reminds me of the old Cubao X/Collective. They have several artsy activities and gatherings, with some using the lush forest as backdrop. I’d love to have the chance to visit them someday!

The 1st technique involved one piece of paper folded into eight and gutted in the middle. This is what I use in making my zines and this is also what the local magazine Juice uses. It’s economical, easy and cheaper to mail. They used both sides of the paper and printed a photo at the back which can be used as a poster:


Then we were taught accordion-style folding and sewing with signatures:

I experimented with all the types of binding and came up with these:Image

New friends! Hello Corrine and Aliah, thanks again for the stickers–can’t wait to use them! πŸ™‚

Thanks for the awesome workshop, 98B, Mira and Dito! 98B has an upcoming event this Saturday called SaturdayMarketXFutureMarket. Learn more about 98B here.


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