Artsycraftsy exploration: Bras Basah Complex in Singapore

Bras Basah Complex is filled with shops selling arts and crafts tools, new and old books, and fancy and quirky trinkets. Be sure to check it out when you’re in Singapore. Here’s what I got from the place (except for the Oh Comely mag, which was generously given to me by my friend Patricia. Thanks Patricia!):


Cat Socrates has a real cute kitty inside their store (yay!) and other cute knickknacks:


Art Friend has arts and crafts materials–I spent around an hour or more just browsing through the wares. So many choices!Image

Basheer Graphic Books is filled with wonderful arts and crafts books and magazines. This is where I got my “An Illustrated Journey” by Danny Gregory book:Image

I made a DIY scratch map of the world to inspire me to explore this lovely world more often. Scratched off countries I’ve visited:

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Artsycraftsy exploration: Haji Lane in Singapore

I’ve just been to sunny Singapore and I did some exploring on my own. I stayed at a hostel beside the artsy Haji lane. Haji lane makes me nostalgic and reminds me of the old Cubao X and how we used to hang out in that area around 9 years ago. It also reminds me a bit of The Collective, with all the street art and stickers everywhere. Most of the stores were closed when I did my exploring, but I was content just looking at the beautiful artwork and store facades. The place was just brimming with color and creative energy:


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Vivitar-ing beaches

I miss the beach and the feeling of sand between my toes. To channel the beach vibe, I’ve been staring at my trompe l’oeil beach view (tutorial here) and eating lots of tropical fruit and drinking coconut juice.

Since I’ve only gotten my film prints developed recently, they’re nice time capsules, reminding me of my past trip to Boracay with my partner and beach-hopping all over Laiya with my family.

Good times.


Artsycraftsy shenanigans: June-July

I have come to terms with the fact that I am a scanner and someone who has an extremely short attention span. When I obsess about a certain craft or art material,
I have this mistake of hoarding, only to be distracted by the next metaphorically
shiny thing. But good things do come out of that trait–I get to find out what material/technique/craft works for me and what doesn’t (like embroidery, but maybe
I can conquer that soon!)

What I love:
Here’s a clay necklace inspired by Yayoi Kusama. Can’t wait for the Kusama exhibit at the Ayala Museum next week!


Colored pencils.
Drew a peony. I used my watercolor pencils for this, and planned on wetting it but changed my mind:


Water soluble oil paint. (Hardcore oil paint might make me sick due to the
fumes, heh)
Used my palette knife in making this. I think I might be in love with that knife.
These are small canvas paintings:



Watercolor, always and forever.
Very tricky to work with, but teaches me to love imperfections and challenges me to keep on experimenting with the material. Created some note cards. gift tags, and
a zine called “Huggable Noms”, which contains my comfort foodstuff:




Washi tape. How can you not love washi tape?
To frame my drypoint cat done in printmaking class, I used neon washi tape.
Yes, I have no patience for measuring, haha:


My pigma brush pen and markers.
For making my comics. That’s my ultimate dream.

How about you? Which materials are your fave?