Artsycraftsy Exploration: Crescent Moon Cafe

Remember when we celebrated my birthday  with a trip to my new favorite local museum and pottery store/restaurant? Well, we were able to visit that place again, since it was my dad’s birthday! Joy!


I’ll tell you more about the Pinto trip in my next post, but I’d like to share more about our lunch at Crescent Moon Cafe.

It’s my second time here, and I forgot if this was here before, but we saw the plant “buhok ni Ester” hanging in a line outside the cafe. I grew up with these plants, since my lola had a green thumb and our house was surrounded with flowers she lovingly tended. She would wake up early, and water each plant lovingly with the hose, talking to it sometimes. This particular plant looked weird to me, but it fascinated me when it changed color from white to green when wet:


Pottery pieces you can buy by weight:

ImageI wish I made windchimes back in pottery class!


Can you spot the bubbles? I bought bubbles from Booksale the day before since I got too excited. Gave it to the kids around Pinto before we left the art gallery.



We were fed bulalo, alagao leaves salad, chili crabs, fish, pork binagoongan and ginataan and mangga’t suman for dessert. Yummy! I love the taste and the presentation. I became quite giddy when I saw the numerous handmade stoneware plates that we used for that lunch. I love their attention to detail and all the handmade touches.



I was trying to save so I wasn’t able to shop this time, but I wanted these lovelies:



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