My PixaRoll photos are here!

I was busy at work when I got the nicest surprise–my PixaRoll photos have arrived! I couldn’t stop smiling as I opened the package. They were like jumbo Instagram photos and they really made my day. I showed it to my officemates and we marveled at the wonders of technology and mail. Thank you, PixaRoll!


When I got home, I immediately opened my washi treasure box and picked a nice roll for my PixaRoll (haha see what I did there) photos. This one has that earthy vibe to it so I used it to stick my PixaRoll photos in front of our cabinet. They make me smile each time I see them:

ImageI like how they’re able to print 4X4 Instagram squares, they’re perfect for a jumbly collage with washi:


…or arranged neatly, still with washi as an accent and sticking tool:


Have you liked the PixaRoll PH fan page yet? If you haven’t, please do! When the “likes” reach 1000, the prints will be discounted, yay! Share the happy news to your friends and like like like 🙂


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