PixaRoll magnets and endless possibilities

I got another snailmail surprise from PixaRoll yesterday!

Remember how delighted I was with my PixaRoll prints a few days ago? Well, that joy was multiplied (9 times to be precise, haha), when I got my 9 magnets from PixaRoll, yay!

I selected some artworks I’ve done, some nice places I want to always remember, and even a cheesy photo of myself and my partner on our 6th year. Memories immortalized in cute little magnets. I used the magnetic borders and collaged them with washi tape to create faux moveable “frames”. You can stick them side by side to create a panoramic view if you want. Stick a flat tin pan in your wall and use it as a memo board, with magnets instead of thumbtacks. Give them as gifts to people you love this holiday season. Stick them in a circle to enfold a love note in your ref. If you have a magnetic poetry set, you can combine it with witty text about the photo for quirky home decor. How about covering the whole ref door with personalized magnets? These magnets are made for fun times, I tell you.


Image ImageImageAs of now, the PixaRoll PH Facebook page already has 800 likes. Just a few more to reach 1000! When it does reach that target, the prints would be cheaper–wouldn’t you like that as well? 🙂 Let’s spread the word and like the page! 🙂

Thanks, PixaRoll!


2 thoughts on “PixaRoll magnets and endless possibilities

  1. I’ve been meaning to try Pixaroll, but haven’t gotten around the downloading the app. How much are the fees for printing? Can you give me a ballpark figure? Thanks! 🙂

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