Best night ever: Metric Live in Manila 2013

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I dreamt of attending a Metric concert. I’ve been listening to them for around ten years (I found out about them through an lj music community), and I can just imagine how wonderful it must be to see them perform live.

When I heard the news that it was confirmed–Metric would be having a concert in Manila, I couldn’t believe how fortunate I was. This incredible opportunity presented itself after the realized dream of watching a Tegan and Sara concert and it felt too serendipitous. I listed Metric right after Tegan and Sara in my grand bucket list of “Bands I want to see live in Manila”. This is turning out to be one of the best years of my life.

My partner would be abroad during the concert and I was prepared to watch on my own. Good thing new friends Karen and Evee would be watching too–I felt like I’ve been friends with them for the longest time haha, they were really fun to be with. I was in Aura around 11 am, like the true addict that I am, but when I went up there was no line yet so I visited all the stores in Aura and ended up buying some calligraphy pens heh.

Flying Ipis was the opening act, which gave me a happy because I love the band and their energy. (Emily Haines apparently did too–She said: “I love Flying Ipis, I wish we could take them with us”, or something like that). She attempted to speak a few Tagalog lines too, which made me love her even more.

Watching them perform live was nothing short of magical. I want to be Emily Haines when I grow up. She’s lovely, charming, superkind and super-talented. I took some videos for the gf but mostly I danced my heart out and sang/lip-synced (my Tegan and Sara vids are overpowered by my off-key singing so lesson learned haha). I was dancing so vigorously during Gold Guns Girls that I mistakenly jumped off the ledge and fell on a girl beside me, dragging Karen with me (Sorry!).

I couldn’t stop sobbing like crazy during “Breathing Underwater”. When I listened to Synthetica, this was the song that instantly leaped at me from the album. It was similar to the effect of first hearing “Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It” from Stars, in which I claim favorites from their latest album and listen to it till kingdom come. When Metric played this song I was probably pms-ing but the tears just came out in buckets and I felt all the feelings in the world. Mostly elation, and gratefulness. They’re playing one of my faves! Right here! Right now! I cannot express how lucky I felt at that time, even if the song is a bit melancholic. The live version sounded better than anything I could have ever imagined. Right now I am listening to Metric songs on repeat and this song still makes me tear up a bit, haha.

My fave songs from Metric are: Parkdale, On The Sly, The Police and The Private, Breathing Underwater, Raw Sugar and Gimme Sympathy, Gold Guns Girls, Speed The Collapse and The Wanderlust. They played a good mix of old and new songs and I loved their acoustic rendition of The Police and The Private. That acoustic Gimme Sympathy was perfect as well, and my vids stop halfway because I couldn’t stop myself from clapping my hands, or dancing and singing along. When Emily Haines went down the stage I got to touch her and I couldn’t stop staring at my hands filled with gold fairydust. Evee got the setlist too! Yay!

There was a meet and greet portion after the concert and the floor tickets were allowed to mingle with the band members. I wanted a photo with everyone, of course, and some fangirling, heh. The whole band (James, Joules, Joshua, Emily) was really accommodating and nice and they all got to hold my pink pen (which I kinda regret not giving Emily when she marveled at how it can write with both ends) and calligraphy pen during signing. I was starstruck and a bit flustered because of too many emotions and how fast everything was happening, haha, that I was not able to get a photo with Emily. I did get to hug her for a long time when she went out the second time. She asked me where her bandmates were and I think in my shock I mumbled a soft “I dunno” or “I’m not sure”. HAHA. One of my fave local artists, Mich, gave the band an excellent customized artwork and I was so happy for her! I regret not making one but I did not expect this great opportunity and I hastily made her a merbird.
I gave her the customized merbird of herself singing using a blank index card I found in my bag (I wasn’t prepared!). I explained that it was a merbird, a bird that could swim, and she asked “Is it breathing underwater?” OHOHO Emily y u so witty? She was so gracious about it, and she said she has a place where she keeps all the artwork she receives, and asked if it was okay to fold it. I think I was so in awe that I just nodded with my jaw to the floor. True story. She folded it and placed it in her back pocket. A piece of me is there, you guys! ETERNALLY.

I followed her around and got to hug her a second time when we talked a bit about “Live It Out” and how it was my fave, and she said it was hers too (OMG we were talking about their albums asjdkajsfkjskfjd), and and and

I have no words for how happy I was when I went home that night. Thank you so much, friends, and thank you, Universe, for being a great big enabler.

Now for the photos! Sorry for the crappy quality, these were taken using my phone– it was dark and I was trembling with excitement:





Yay new friends! 🙂


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