#Create365: My Project 365 for 2014

Happy New Year! 2013 has been the most wonderful year, and I firmly believe that 2014 will be an even better year for all of us. 2013 was named “The Year of Magic and Wonder” and it was filled with so many blessings and surprises because of the awesomeness of the Universe. For 2014, I shall name it as “The Year for Great Things” to call forth good vibes and positivity. I realized that vagueness means more surprises, and I’m a fan of happy surprises, so there you go. Hello 2014!

I ended 2013 doing some crafts, like jazzing up colored pencils from Almi (thank you, Almi!) with colored nail polish, and making rubbercut stamps.

For the colored pencils, I used metallic and neon colors and I really like how they turned out:


ImageI made a couple stamp (for Kate’s birthday), my first time to try making a portrait stamp. Quite challenging (I accidentally cut off Kate’s mole since it was so tiny, heh) but definitely exciting. I also made a grumpy cat stamp because I love her. I’m adding “Meet and cuddle Tardar Sauce” to my bucket list this 2014 *crosses fingers*. I used gold stamp pad ink for both:


I’ve always wanted to try and challenge myself with a 365 project but I know that my attention span is ridiculously short, but maybe I can change that this year! I have created for myself this #Create365 project, where I make art/craft/write/sing each day, and then maybe I’ll share it in my Instagram account (@aphazia) for fun.

With all that optimism and hope simmering inside me, I made this before I slept:

ImageAt my lola’s house, I made this fashion illustration:

ImageI enjoyed playing with my forgotten Prang set so much that I made another one. Then I taught my younger cousin how to make papercuttings and we played with watercolors and salt and made galaxies.:


Here’s to another year filled with potential and boundless possibilities. I already have exciting plans which involves ticking off multiple items from my bucket list. My stomach is filled with an army of hopeful butterflies and I can’t be happier!

What are you excited for this 2014? 🙂