Exploring the Universe: California-Old Town Monrovia

I love public libraries so I requested for a library day, but the night before that we ate at one of the items in my bucket list: In-N-Out Burger! Had the animal style burger and fries, plus a strawberry milkshake. Nomnomnom, yum:

On our way home, we passed by Hollywood Bd and saw Mickey! (Hint: He’s near the Tussauds sign):Image
It’s winter so most of the trees had no leaves, but these pretties were all abloom. Saw them on our way to one of my new fave places, Old Town Monrovia!
ImageImageCamwhorage in front of trees before they become extinct!

I’m in love with Old Town Monrovia. Everything is so quaint and I felt right at home, for some reason. There are artsy polar bear sculptures in almost every corner (Why polar bears?), random lavender sightings, beautiful architecture and a really impressive library.


ImageImageImageRead these books in the library:


Would you believe that this fine piece of art was made using crayons, by a 15-year-old? So gorgeous:
ImageSearle’s Cat!  There’s a nifty story involving Searle and San Francisco and my dreams, but that’s another entry.

ImageImageBefore we went home, we passed by Michaels, were I went crazy with all the materials asjdkajdflkad


Exploring the Universe: California part 2-The LA Art Book Fair at MOCA

When a friend (Thanks, Iori!) mentioned that there would be an Art Book Fair at LA at around the time I arrived, I immediately googled it up-this was an event I did not want to miss. Luckily, we were able to check it out on its last day (which meant that most items were on sale when it was nearing the closing hours), so, yay!

Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair held at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA was an event that had everything I loved- handmade books, zines, comics, creators manning their booths to facilitate connections/interactions (and my fangushing), art books and lovely people.

Upon arriving, I immediately headed to the zine section, where I almost lost my marbles due to the sheer awesomeness of everything. Zines and zinesters everywhere! I had to be constantly reminded by my relatives to check the whole area first before spending all my monies in the first stall I checked out. Everything was glorious. It was overwhelmingly fantastic.

I chanced upon the stall of one of my idols, Esther Pearl Watson! I saw her comics first in BUST magazine (Tammy Pierce is Unlovable) and it’s the first part I read in the magazine, I love it so.  It was a bit embarrassing when I asked her if she had more items by EPW only to realize that she IS EPW. She was so friendly and nice!



I got to meet a lot of my idols at the zine area! I was too happy browsing the zines in all the tables that I forgot that I haven’t checked out the other areas yet, yikes. This ended with me hurrying past the queer zines and art books just so I could visit all the stalls (and they were a lot!). Haha. I wanted to buy this queer zine anthology but I used up my budget in the zines area. Note to self: Pacing is key when it comes to book fairs.

Here’s photographic evidence of the awesomeness of the fair, and snapshots of the people who were cool and friendly (and beautifullllll):
I’ll post a pic of my loot soon! I bought a lot and I might give away some of ’em (I’ve read them all already), so stay tuned!

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Exploring the Universe: California, part 1

One of my resolutions this year is to blog more, and I kind of miss lj and my lj friends, but I also miss time. It’s easier posting photos here, so I have decided to move my “Exploring the Universe” blogging here instead. Let’s start with this trip of my dreams, which came true because of the Universe and my loving family. I am beyond grateful for everything. Thank you, Universe!

I made a secret U.S. bucket list with wishes like “See the Golden Gate bridge”, and “Check out Getty museum”, and “Meet my writer/artist/artista idols who are in the area so I can fangirl in person” (*cough Angelina Jolie *cough). If you know me, you’d know that aside from being awkward, I am also shameless when it comes to fangirling. I was ready to mix up the two and let it all out in California! Woooo!

Asiana Airlines, I love you! You serve delicious food and your entertainment system is so good. I didn’t want to sleep because I wanted to watch everything hehe. Stopover was Korea, where I had ice cream and spicy soup and basically stuffed my face with all the noms.


My tita was my most excellent host, with her most excellent house with the library filled with art books and comics and lovely children’s books. She lived in a place with a porch filled with my dream plants and birds and every sunset is glorious. The mountains are what you’d see enveloping the area. I was welcomed by a rainbow! Spot the sliver here:

ImageImageBecause, L Word!

I ate the hugest sundae from Costco, with jumbo fresh strawberries in the syrup. I couldn’t finish it so I ate it for three days straight:


IMG_5684 IMG_5710
IMG_5719 IMG_5725  IMG_5730


I ate my weight in whipped cream. I ate fresh raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and nectarines and dipped everything in whipped cream. Whipped cream I love you.


I wanted to dip the pepperberries below too:

IMG_5739 IMG_5740

Serendipity and luck

I’ve always been fond of Valentine’s day and the idea of celebrating a day of love. Right now I am in sunny California for a vacation, but I had the chance to take a leisurely hike in a secluded area in Griffith park yesterday morning with family and new friends. It reminded me that I really am very fortunate this lifetime (and how I’m more of an earth than a water person), and so I won’t forget, here’s a quick recap of things I won’t forget in this trip:

-Seeing coyotes, squirrels, a murmuration of starlings, a pair of ducks flying, a hare, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, smelling a skunk

-Road trip to San Francisco, passing by Sacramento, Solvang, Santa Barbara

-Ticking off almost all the items in my US bucket list (more on this in future posts)

-That glorious sunset leisurely hike

-Meeting the in-laws (almost all of them) of my tita

-Her cool house filled with art, books, books about art and magazines

-Seeing Mickey Mouse near Hollywood

-Getty! Monet ❤

-Authentic diner with huge servings

-So many cats near the church

-Food glorious food

Here is a photo from yesterday’s nice hike, which was like getting a big warm hug from the Universe. Hope you had a great day filled with love and joy yesterday!