Serendipity and luck

I’ve always been fond of Valentine’s day and the idea of celebrating a day of love. Right now I am in sunny California for a vacation, but I had the chance to take a leisurely hike in a secluded area in Griffith park yesterday morning with family and new friends. It reminded me that I really am very fortunate this lifetime (and how I’m more of an earth than a water person), and so I won’t forget, here’s a quick recap of things I won’t forget in this trip:

-Seeing coyotes, squirrels, a murmuration of starlings, a pair of ducks flying, a hare, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, smelling a skunk

-Road trip to San Francisco, passing by Sacramento, Solvang, Santa Barbara

-Ticking off almost all the items in my US bucket list (more on this in future posts)

-That glorious sunset leisurely hike

-Meeting the in-laws (almost all of them) of my tita

-Her cool house filled with art, books, books about art and magazines

-Seeing Mickey Mouse near Hollywood

-Getty! Monet ❤

-Authentic diner with huge servings

-So many cats near the church

-Food glorious food

Here is a photo from yesterday’s nice hike, which was like getting a big warm hug from the Universe. Hope you had a great day filled with love and joy yesterday!


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