Exploring the Universe: California-Old Town Monrovia

I love public libraries so I requested for a library day, but the night before that we ate at one of the items in my bucket list: In-N-Out Burger! Had the animal style burger and fries, plus a strawberry milkshake. Nomnomnom, yum:

On our way home, we passed by Hollywood Bd and saw Mickey! (Hint: He’s near the Tussauds sign):Image
It’s winter so most of the trees had no leaves, but these pretties were all abloom. Saw them on our way to one of my new fave places, Old Town Monrovia!
ImageImageCamwhorage in front of trees before they become extinct!

I’m in love with Old Town Monrovia. Everything is so quaint and I felt right at home, for some reason. There are artsy polar bear sculptures in almost every corner (Why polar bears?), random lavender sightings, beautiful architecture and a really impressive library.


ImageImageImageRead these books in the library:


Would you believe that this fine piece of art was made using crayons, by a 15-year-old? So gorgeous:
ImageSearle’s Cat!  There’s a nifty story involving Searle and San Francisco and my dreams, but that’s another entry.

ImageImageBefore we went home, we passed by Michaels, were I went crazy with all the materials asjdkajdflkad


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