Exploring the Universe: California- Santa Barbara

The night before our grand road trip to San Francisco from LA, we passed by Americana, which reminded me of our malls here, heh. Saw giant chandeliers and giant chinese lanterns in the middle of the street:

Before heading to Santa Barbara, we passed by Porto’s first. I explored the area a bit and did touristy things:ImageImageImageImage:
ImageImageImageImageImageThen off we went!


I always make it a point to eat ice cream in the places I visit, and I kinda regret not trying more exotic flavors, but this was what I was craving at the moment:ImageI also discovered the epic fabulousness of a penny press! THE STUFF OF MY DREAMSSSSS

ImageI wanted all the designs in the known world! But because this trip was an exercise in prudence (attempt lang hehe), this was what I got as a souvenir. I made it my life’s mission to collect penny press coins everywhere we went in this vacation.


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