Exploring the Universe: California-Shell beach and highway 41 (or, am I in a Stephen King story?)

On our way to Sacramento, we passed by Shell Beach, CA, where I saw a pelican for a first time! Or something that resembles a pelican, I’m not sure:



I had to camwhore with all the whales and dinosaurs because they were there, and I was there too:


I realized recently that I quite enjoy taking landscape photos inside a moving vehicle. I like the imperfections, and there are bound to be a lot of wonkiness in the shot: blurred trees, blurred land, blurred everything mostly. But when I do get lucky and the vehicle slows down a bit when I take the shot, I get pictorial souvenirs that remind me of how I got to my destination, a reminder to always keep my eyes peeled for interestingness.
(All the photos below are taken with my point-and-shoot-canon cam, while inside a moving car, apologies for the blurriness)

We traversed Highway 41, and it was nice and peaceful—at first.

The sun was setting, the view looked lovely, and rows upon rows of trees have orange leaves (I’m from a tropical country so this was something special).


I always read about red barns so I was excited when I saw one:

For some reason, I’ve always associated barns and the vast expanse of the countryside with a Stephen King story so I kind of gave myself the creeps when I took that photo.

The lack of vehicles made the journey through the highway unnerving. The sharp curved roads that went on for what seemed like miles made me nauseous. There was a speed limit so we couldn’t slow down, especially since there was a car trailing us. When we finally saw a chance to stop for a bit, I had to go down since I wasn’t feeling that well. The air helped, but when I looked at the surrounding areas, I knew we had to hurry and leave the highway before nightfall. I wasn’t sure about this, but I didn’t see any lampposts in the road. My imagination was working overtime and thinking of Stephen King-y scenarios and it was really creeping me out.

I still took some snaps of the area though:



When we finally got off the highway, these ravens bid us goodbye:


The day ended on a happy note, with my newfound love, Jack In The Box’s Sourdough burger. Mmm, burger:



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