New succulents!

Was able to attend Femi and Karen’s “F@#; art, let’s garden!” show at Cubao X last week.

Everything was gorgeous. They combined dish gardens with references to artists and authors. Definitely my kind of combination!

Check these out:








Mine! Got to take this lovely baby home. It was love at first sight especially since it had a bear!


Bought another one since I like how it had furry leaves. I wanted to buy more but I had to consider the long commute home.

Upon research at home, I found out that my furry friend was a kalanchoe tomentosa which is a fancy name for a “panda plant”!

That means I have two bear-themed succulents, which makes me so giddy since my partner and I love panda bears ❤

Here's Geli and me with the two artists, Femi and Karen. Congrats to a great show, girls! 🙂


Here are my babies at home:



3 thoughts on “New succulents!

  1. This is great! Your pictures had me guessing which artists were which installations. So far, I have Sylvia Plath, Van Gogh, Nick Joaquin, Andy Warhol, … T.S. Elliot with the cats?

    Enjoy your succulent! the cub is king in his tiny forest. 🙂

    • Correct! Just one error, the one with the cats- Murakami hehe 🙂 I’m pretending I’m an urban haciendera with a garden hehe 🙂

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