Art in the park 2014

For our 78th month together, my partner and I went to the annual Art in the park event at Salcedo. If I remember correctly, I’ve been going to this event for around four years already. I love parks and I love art and this event is pretty much the stuff of my dreams–lovely and affordable artworks done by lovely friends and sold in a lovely park. Awesome.

Before going to the park, we had a brunch date at home with her friends Cy and Almi. We swam for an hour or so afterwards.


Then off we went!

Some of my faves:

(This transforms to a cabinet! Made by Jomike Tejido)


I bought a lot of postcards from Ang INK’s booth:






I met new and old friends and got a pink elephant made of cotton candy!


It was made by the very talented Kuya Arnold. BEST!

We went to BGC afterwards, where I drew her while she slept lol:


Watched The Sound of Music at BGC’s outdoor cinema after dinner:


We got an awesome couple portrait made by THE Apol Sta.Maria. Here it is with my first portrait done by him at the Art in the Park event two years ago:


Thanks, Apol!


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