Teach yo’self!

I have this nasty habit of buying books just to have them and then forgetting about them once I’ve stored them. When I’ve unearthed my books related to arts/crafts, I’ve discovered that they’re quite a lot, which should be something that I remember each time I’m inside a bookstore, to help me curb my buying enthusiasm (which my wallet’s not supporting completely).

The recent #30bravedays challenge has been making me dream big, and I’m planning on taking a dream trip to my dream destination next year (please, Universe, please) which means NO unnecessary spending. I consider books and learning a neccesity, but this time I would have to set a strict budget for that and stick to it, no matter how hard. This means no arts/crafts workshops for me this year. 😦 If you read my blog from a year ago, you’d learn that I am a huge huge fan of workshops (I took two classes last year, printmaking and drawing, all within the same day during weekends because why not), so this saddens me a bit. But eyes on the prize, they always say, so my monies will be going to my grand travel plans, because I’ve also found a workaround.

I shall be teaching myself, at my own pace, free of charge, within my time limitations. Using these books, and maybe the internet, I will be studying everything I can using materials I hoarded and sharing it in my instagram (I’m @aphazia there, let’s be friends!) and here in my blog.

I know that I have an extremely short attention span, and having a variety of books on different subjects will help me not lose interest in this challenge, hopefully.Β 

Here are my books:


For my first challenge, I used an exercise from the book “Just Draw It”, and it involved drawing on a huge piece of paper while listening to music. I stuck scratch paper using washi tape to the wall since I didn’t have a large piece of paper, and used a brush pen since I didn’t have a charcoal stick. I listened to “Your Hand in Mine”, by Explosions in the Sky and closed my eyes so I wouldn’t be too conscious re the output. I had to hold the wall constantly though, since I might accidentally draw on the edges. I took occasional peeks as well. I still managed to draw on the wall accidentally though, despite these precautions, since my pen passed through the paper gaps, lol. At the end, here’s my artwork:


I did another exercise, which was to draw while walking and to never take your pen off the paper and I did it inside the grocery, which resulted in this:


Wish me luck! Happy Easter! πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Teach yo’self!

  1. I’m with you on this, sis. My latest post is actually about the pile of books I’ve bought but never got the chance to finish(oops unintentional plug, peace :D). I feel bad for them, sitting on the shelf, collecting dusts 😦 . I have this habit too… for me the only way to stop it is to not visit a book store.
    Anyway, drawing while walking sounds good to me! Didn’t you hit anyone or any shelf while doing this? Grocery and drawing reminds me of this movie called Cashback . LOL, this post reminds me of many things. =))

    • I love that movie! Thankfully, I didn’t hit anyone, but I did get a lot of weird stares from people and wary stares from the guards haha πŸ™‚ Try it! What book have you added to your ‘favorites’ list lately? πŸ™‚

      • The art of Fielding (novel) and The Garden Color Book by Paul Williams (over 600 photographs of individual flowers/plants, great for reference! ) πŸ˜€

      • Ooh, sounds good! I love reference books too but sometimes I get too intimidated haha

  2. i’m a booksale addict myself πŸ™‚ I had that fairy book too(same as yours), got it at booksale, i just couldn’t resist their charm, though i collect mostly illustrated books for children and adults, folklores and anything about nature πŸ™‚ I find these books much of a help to inspire and ignite my creative process πŸ™‚

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