Artsycraftsy adventure: Perfume-making!

It’s a longtime desire of mine to create my own perfume line. I am a bit in love with my sense of smell and I keep thinking of scent combinations that would maybe work (for me, that is). In my dream, I am making them all: perfume, cologne, solid perfume, eau de toilette, etc. Today that dream finally came true! Thanks, Universe!

(I’ve been skipping attending workshops even if they’re really tempting because I’m saving up for an exciting trip next year, but, well, life is short and this is in my bucket list, so at the very last minute I decided that if there was still a slot the day before, then that slot is for me. Wouldn’t you know it, there was one slot left! Hurrahhhh)

I have to note that I made my own solid perfume stick before though, and I loved the experiment so much that I wanted to make more. And make more I did.

CraftMNL had a perfume-making workshop with Lala from Simoy ng Haraya, and I was just so happy that I got to learn so much and try it for myself: From deciding which scent to use and combine, to the formulation of perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, body spray and solid perfume. And within a few hours only! Although as I’ve mentioned during the workshop, I enjoyed smelling the scents and combining them so much that a day might not be enough for me, heh.

Here are the fragrance oils we used. So many choices. More than thirty, I think? And they all smell amazing! I couldn’t contain my excitement, just sniffing each bottle. I had a hard time deciding which scents to combine because they were all so fragrant!


When I finally got to combine them, I had so many combinations in mind I was a bit paralyzed with indecision–and in the end, my love for The Body Shop’s Olive Oil spray won, so I gravitated towards scents that included Olive notes.


We were handed graduated cylinders so we can measure the amount of oil and dilutants. To be honest, I kind of blanked during the math part because I hate math but Lala was so patient and kind to help me with the measurements. IMG_9245

Here’s my perfume and Eau de Parfum, wherein I tried to be creative with naming but I wasn’t able to prepare in advance so.. Happy Pride! (Also pride in making stuff yourself, pride in chasing your dream etc. etc.) IMG_9253

I enjoyed mixing stuff in the beaker and pouring them in the nifty containers. Then watching it harden. IMG_9259


My finished goods! IMG_9264

Group shot:


We exchanged finished solid perfume like calling cards, which thrilled me to no end. I love how unique each one is:


Hope you had a lovely Sunday as well! 🙂







My morning routine

Good morning! I’m a morning person–I’m the first to wake up (even when there’s no work!), I feel more energetic during the day, I worship the sun, and I enjoy how the days are longer recently here, more daytime please!

I love reading about the morning routine of people and thought I’d share mine.

When I wake up, I check my instagram feed for a quick dose of good vibes. I understand that the photos are curated to give the impression of being the best, showing the highlights of that day and I enjoy it so. The beautiful photos set the tone for my day, and it’s a huge source of inspiration.

While I’m boiling water, I water my babies. Look at how big they are now! I’m a proud momma.


I do some quick yoga on my mat, and then proceed to eat my breakfast there, sitting on the floor:


We have a legit dining set now but I still prefer eating here, heh.

My usual breakfast is tea with oatmeal. Sometimes I add honey to it or peanut butter, sometimes fruit when I have some. Mangoes are perfect for oatmeal!

When I want a power breakfast, I cook two eggs, sunny side up, with two pieces of whole wheat toast and jam.

On my way to work, I buy a glass of taho and fresh buko juice so I can have it with my baon bread with pbjam because I love having more than one breakfast. Like a true hobbit.


I consider going home as one of the best parts of my day (along with the intrawebs break, lunch break, and solving a software problem at work), because I get to see the cloud display in the sky during sunset.


Since I was young, I’ve always loved gazing at the sky and imagining how it’d be like, stepping on clouds. Or eating them, since I thought they’d be like cotton candy. I even drew a character I named “Cloudina”. Years later I would get to taste a cloud during a hike up the mountains, but that’s another story.

A perfect day would involve lying in a sunshine-y but cool meadow filled with flowers and cats, surrounded by food and books/magazines, during four p.m. (my fave time) with all the time in the world to gaze up at the clouds and see the shapes that form there. There’d be superfast internet there too, and lots of tea and milk tea.


How would your perfect day be like?

Teach yo’self: Watercolored landscape via Kolan Peterson’s book

In watercolor, I like staying away from subjects like landscapes or still life or nature or basically everything realistic, because: it’s hard. And I feel like my output sucks.

I realized that I keep comparing my output with that of the masters and obviously, this isn’t what sane people do. Of course, my work will never be as fantastic as theirs, and that’s perfectly ok. I highly believe that our unique life experiences mold us to be different artists, and that’s what makes this world so fascinating. (I shouldn’t even be comparing in the first place!)

Practice helps improve your drawing muscles, so I try to practice as much as I can when I’m not OT or too tired from work.

Today I had OT and I had to do the laundry but I could not resist challenging myself with a landscape painting, something totally outside my comfort zone.

I used Kolan Peterson’s book: Watercolors Step-By-Step and decided to be inspired by his river painting but realized that I only have two out of around 10 colors he had mentioned I should use. In my excitement, I didn’t use pencil to outline the drawing (still not a pencil fan), and failed to stretch the paper as well. Ack. I splashed the base wash around the paper before I realized this so there was no turning back. I had to finish this since I didn’t want to waste the paper.

I tried my best to mix colors to be accurate to the painting and used my liner brush for the first time to draw grass and branches.

After 5 hours, I finished the painting, my first time to paint a landscape with watercolor.


What’s your fave subject to paint?

A different kind of fete

Nayna and I have been friends for around ten years already! I was lucky enough to be invited for a feedathon the other day to celebrate her upcoming birthday. Happy birthday Nayna! 🙂

Words aren’t enough to describe how delicious everything was! I was too excitable and failed to take decent photos of the yummy spread, but take my word for it: everything was YUM (That was all my mind processed once I started stuffing my face with noms.)

There was frittata, zucchini with mushrooms, wine, rice cooker pancake with lemon curd, s’mores in an iron skillet, wine, sausages, caramel and raspberry ice cream, and have I mentioned wine?

This photo does not do it justice, but pics or it didn’t happen!


For our third breakfast we had bacon slab with poached eggs atop alfalfa sprouts, toasted honey with toasted cheese and more wine:


I was supposed to go to the fete by my lonesome for Kalayo and Joey Ayala but I was so happy here that I decided not to. When I did reach home after the feastathon, I opened the door, spread out my yoga mat and promptly fell asleep near the door. Maybe I was drunk. Just a bit. YOLO! 🙂

Thank you so much, Nayna and Kristine! Next time, I shall try to bring more food for the feastathon. If I’m feeling confident, maybe something I cooked! Hehe.

P.s. It’s so great finally meeting you Mabi! I shall research the titles of the movies I told you about and find a way to tell you the titles. 🙂

Teach yo’self: Watercolored roses via Trevor Waugh

This is the first time I tried to paint roses under ten minutes. I have never painted using a youtube vid, so this is a first as well! Unlike other vids where the artist tells us about the materials and the steps for the painting, Trevor Waugh’s vid jumps right in, and paints within 8 minutes. I made a quick mix of pink using my waterbrush and tried to catch up with him as he painted. I love his technique, and by the time the vid was finished, I was finished as well.

I’m afraid of painting flowers since I tried it several times and I wasn’t that pleased with the results. But this vid changed my mind, I actually enjoyed the quick process!

Here are the roses I came up with:


Yay for learning!

Teach yo’self: Watercolor via Cathy Johnson’s book

If I had money and loads of time, I would spend it learning about arts and crafts, attending workshops, buying books related to the materials I enjoy, and learn from the masters. As of now, though, I have my library card, some time (after work, sometimes during lunch break too), and this lovely gem of a book by Cathy Johnson: Painting Nature’s Details in Watercolor. She’s one of my idols when it comes to watercolor painting so I immediately grabbed this book from the library and plan on renewing it till forever heh.

I’ve been learning about painting textures found in nature and I’ve been attempting to copy her existing texture samples just so I can further understand color combinations and shadow techniques. I plan on doing this until I gain confidence to paint using my travel photos, then going out to “paint” in the future. I can’t wait to learn more!

Here are some texture studies I painted using her colored paintings and black and white illustration for the tree bark, tweaked as much as I could to suit my painting style (and by this I mean not breathing when I apply paint to paper lol):


Who are the artists you love and admire?

Artsycraftsy discoveries: Deovir

Have you been to Deovir? It’s heaven for me there! Shelves filled with arts and crafts materials, mostly from brands for pros, and a lot of them pique my curiosity.

I’ve been to all branches, but I’d have to say my fave would be the Sm North one, followed by the Megamall one because of the staff who patiently assisted me when I pestered them with my questions about the purpose of the items that interest me.

Alas I had to budget my monies so I couldn’t buy everything, but I settled for these (for the meantime hehe):


I’ve been playing with them and I’m in love! I’ll definitely be saving up to buy more colors. 🙂

Happy times: June 2014

I love making lists, and love it more when they’re lists of things I love! Here are some of the things I’m grateful about:

❤ Finishing the season 9 of Buffy. I have meh feelings about season 8, but season 9 was just so good, and reminded me of the series plot-wise and dialogue-wise. Am in the middle of reading Angel and Faith right now, sometimes losing sleep because I want to read it all in one sitting.

❤ I moved my voting precinct so voting would be easier and nearer

❤ Finally tried making my own Magnum creation: vanilla ice cream with a dark chocolate coating, parmesan popcorn, freeze-dried raspberries and yoghurt nibs. Topped with a caramel drizzle:


❤ That outrageous National warehouse sale near home, where I found brand-new books that were only around Php30 each! I got some comics for only Php5 each!
(check out my instagram for my loot:

❤ Winning at that CBTL contest where the prize was a trip to my idol Ramon Orlina's museum at Tagaytay, wherein he was the one who toured us! #fangush


❤ Discovering a library that's near our office, with a lot of art books, books I coveted, and super nice staff! I love the Union Church of Manila's library! Membership for the entire year is only Php200. I've been dreaming of this my entire life and the Universe answered my prayers! This might curb my book-buying enthusiasm. Maybe. I'm planning on donating my old books and magazines there too, since they also accept book donations.

I'm so excited about these books I've borrowed:


What has been making you happy recently? 🙂