Teach yo’self: Watercolor via Cathy Johnson’s book

If I had money and loads of time, I would spend it learning about arts and crafts, attending workshops, buying books related to the materials I enjoy, and learn from the masters. As of now, though, I have my library card, some time (after work, sometimes during lunch break too), and this lovely gem of a book by Cathy Johnson: Painting Nature’s Details in Watercolor. She’s one of my idols when it comes to watercolor painting so I immediately grabbed this book from the library and plan on renewing it till forever heh.

I’ve been learning about painting textures found in nature and I’ve been attempting to copy her existing texture samples just so I can further understand color combinations and shadow techniques. I plan on doing this until I gain confidence to paint using my travel photos, then going out to “paint” in the future. I can’t wait to learn more!

Here are some texture studies I painted using her colored paintings and black and white illustration for the tree bark, tweaked as much as I could to suit my painting style (and by this I mean not breathing when I apply paint to paper lol):


Who are the artists you love and admire?


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