A different kind of fete

Nayna and I have been friends for around ten years already! I was lucky enough to be invited for a feedathon the other day to celebrate her upcoming birthday. Happy birthday Nayna! 🙂

Words aren’t enough to describe how delicious everything was! I was too excitable and failed to take decent photos of the yummy spread, but take my word for it: everything was YUM (That was all my mind processed once I started stuffing my face with noms.)

There was frittata, zucchini with mushrooms, wine, rice cooker pancake with lemon curd, s’mores in an iron skillet, wine, sausages, caramel and raspberry ice cream, and have I mentioned wine?

This photo does not do it justice, but pics or it didn’t happen!


For our third breakfast we had bacon slab with poached eggs atop alfalfa sprouts, toasted honey with toasted cheese and more wine:


I was supposed to go to the fete by my lonesome for Kalayo and Joey Ayala but I was so happy here that I decided not to. When I did reach home after the feastathon, I opened the door, spread out my yoga mat and promptly fell asleep near the door. Maybe I was drunk. Just a bit. YOLO! 🙂

Thank you so much, Nayna and Kristine! Next time, I shall try to bring more food for the feastathon. If I’m feeling confident, maybe something I cooked! Hehe.

P.s. It’s so great finally meeting you Mabi! I shall research the titles of the movies I told you about and find a way to tell you the titles. 🙂


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