I consider going home as one of the best parts of my day (along with the intrawebs break, lunch break, and solving a software problem at work), because I get to see the cloud display in the sky during sunset.


Since I was young, I’ve always loved gazing at the sky and imagining how it’d be like, stepping on clouds. Or eating them, since I thought they’d be like cotton candy. I even drew a character I named “Cloudina”. Years later I would get to taste a cloud during a hike up the mountains, but that’s another story.

A perfect day would involve lying in a sunshine-y but cool meadow filled with flowers and cats, surrounded by food and books/magazines, during four p.m. (my fave time) with all the time in the world to gaze up at the clouds and see the shapes that form there. There’d be superfast internet there too, and lots of tea and milk tea.


How would your perfect day be like?


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