My morning routine

Good morning! I’m a morning person–I’m the first to wake up (even when there’s no work!), I feel more energetic during the day, I worship the sun, and I enjoy how the days are longer recently here, more daytime please!

I love reading about the morning routine of people and thought I’d share mine.

When I wake up, I check my instagram feed for a quick dose of good vibes. I understand that the photos are curated to give the impression of being the best, showing the highlights of that day and I enjoy it so. The beautiful photos set the tone for my day, and it’s a huge source of inspiration.

While I’m boiling water, I water my babies. Look at how big they are now! I’m a proud momma.


I do some quick yoga on my mat, and then proceed to eat my breakfast there, sitting on the floor:


We have a legit dining set now but I still prefer eating here, heh.

My usual breakfast is tea with oatmeal. Sometimes I add honey to it or peanut butter, sometimes fruit when I have some. Mangoes are perfect for oatmeal!

When I want a power breakfast, I cook two eggs, sunny side up, with two pieces of whole wheat toast and jam.

On my way to work, I buy a glass of taho and fresh buko juice so I can have it with my baon bread with pbjam because I love having more than one breakfast. Like a true hobbit.


2 thoughts on “My morning routine

  1. i love that brand of tea! (especially the spiced and mixed berry) The illustration on their packaging is good vibes na agad 🙂 I envy you, you can grow a plant. I always end up murdering them (haha), so i gave up (ohh those poor plants).

    • I love this tea brand too! Super ganda ng packaging:) and yummy! My succulents died, but these herbs are fighters! 🙂 try an oregano plant, super easy to grow and ok kahit indoors 🙂

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