Print attack!

Last week, I finally used my neon pink Speedball linocut ink for a night of rubbercut printing.

I used my rubbercuts from my printmaking class a year ago, one featuring a mermaid and a merbird, and another with a cat. It was a weekday and I usually try to sleep early on a weekday so I won’t be a sluggish zombie at work the next day, but crafting all night is worth it!

I love how they say that when you do something you really love, you feel energized and filled with good vibes, despite the physical challenge (in this case, puyat), hehe.


Artsycraftsy exploration: Art Fair 2014

Every year, I try to attend as many arts/crafts events as my budget would allow. Those are my biggest investments: travel, books, materials and self-improvement. I get especially happy when the event is nearby so when they held Art Fair 2014 at The Link Makati, I immediately marked it in my calendar and waited for the day with bated breath. I have been to the previous one last 2013 and it was an unforgettable experience, which left me inspired and filled with wonder at the potential of some art materials.

This year’s Art Fair was just as special. I had more time to spare this time and I took my sweet time, visiting all the booths and lingering in front of my fave pieces.

Here are just some of my favorites. I’m fascinated with detailed work so my picks have astounding detail.

This is Untitled (Big Bang) by Gary-Ross Pastrana. Collage is quite challenging because for me it involves just the right amount of tension and balance in your composition, and this one must have took him a long time to finish. I like how he added a 3d quality to the paper pieces so it doesn’t just look flat:

These are by Patricia Perez Eustaquio, graphite on paper and glazed stoneware. Look at the textures she was able to create!

Yayoi Kusama, because she is queen. I was able to watch two documentaries about her at the Ayala Museum and it made me love her more. She is one hardworking lady! I thought her paintings were digitally done at first because of how crisp and clean the edges were, but as it turns out, she paints each circle painstakingly by hand (!!!). Wow.

Assemblage with old compacts–loved the theme and the execution. This is by Norberto Roldan, called The Beginning of History: Chapter 10:

This one by Iggy Rodriguez took my breath away when I approached it to study its construction. Entitled Dagit, it’s made of pen, ink, and acrylic on paper and sintra board assemblage. Reminded me of paper tole, but more badass.

Joy Mallari’s Illuminations, which focuses on the ancient Filipino mythology about the Bakunawa:

The astounding Alice in Wonderland metal sculptures by Daniel Dela Cruz:

Louie Cordero’s fiberglass tables:

I was also able to watch Rajo Laurel perform drapery magic, using the cloth as a sculpting material:

Did you check out this year’s Art Fair? What artworks were your faves?

Exploring the Universe: La Luz, Batangas

A few months ago, we visited one of our favorite resorts in Batangas: La Luz!




I have been here several times already, but this is the first time that I got to snorkel without my family and friends with me. They were resting, and the sun was up and the sea looked so inviting, so I went on my own. Confession: I’m not really that good of a swimmer, and some fishes scare me but I decided that this was the time I was going to face my fears. After all, I was wearing a life jacket, and other people were also swimming in the area. This was also the time that I was participating in the #30bravedays challenge, so I was feeling extra brave. And competitive.

So I did what I was afraid of doing. And I was able to take photos of some pretty cool (not scary-looking) fishes. I swam up to the raft in the middle of the sea and got to see a blowfish–which was exciting, but also very surprising (and scary) so I was panic-swimming for a bit. I think I swallowed some seawater in shock.

Here are just some of the fishes I saw:



I had to take a selfie at the raft because it was a major accomplishment for me:

I didn’t take after my dad, obviously, who swims as far as he could each time we visit a beach, (see below) but baby steps:

Before the sun set, I explored the borders of the resort. I reached the rocky cliff and hiked to the top of it:

View from the cliff:




The next morning, I had some heart-shaped pancakes which I ate with brown sugar, and some eggs:

I collect kitty photos. I saw this lovely cat when we arrived:

The day ended with a lovely meal at Casa Rap, but that’s another story. Happy Sunday!

Making my dreams come true

It started with one of those locked diaries, which I confided in and hid for years. The urge to talk to people who would understand was too strong though, and this desire led me to start a blog of my own. Now I can also post photos as memory triggers and start an online conversation with friends and new friends from a topic close to my heart. I never looked back.

I’ve been blogging for over ten years (from livejournal to deadjournal to tumblr to wordpress) and it’s been such a great source of joy for me. I love all the connections I make, and the feeling of someone out there getting exactly what you mean, or smiling because of a post or a photo you took. I met a lot of new friends that transitioned from online friend to real-life buddies and our bond due to common interests/fandom is invaluable. I’m so grateful for them.

I’m trying to be braver and am teaching myself to dream big. Aside from being a virtual diary, my blog is also where I try to commit myself to change for the better–take more risks, try a #30daychallenge, join a readathon, or campaign for positive social change–these are just some of them.

In line with taking a big leap, I’ve decided to try my luck in this year’s Big Blog Exchange.


I hope you support me in this grand dream! Please vote for me by clicking here. As of now, I’m number 4 in Asia/Oceania! YAY! (Thanks, friends!) How awesome would that be if I actually moved to the top spot? 🙂

Thanks so much and have a great day! 🙂

#Inspireeveryday at the Ayala Museum

Last Saturday, Cachi and I went to Ayala Museum’s Inspire Everyday event. I subscribed to their newsletter eons ago so I learned about this from that and I was really looking forward to it.

Good thing we arrived early! It was just around 10am, but the place was already starting to fill up.

The event also gave us a free museum pass, which I loved. My fave section is the Fullybooked area, where I fell in love with this Peter Pan popup book, got to meet new book-loving friends and got to peek inside Building Stories and S:


I also checked out the Filipinas Heritage library, and left the place with my heart bursting with Pinoy Pride:


I was fascinated by the short film about gold, and amazed by how rich we must have been before the Spaniards colonized our country. The EDSA docu left me teary-eyed (hello pms!) and I watched it twice because it made my heart swell.

Congrats Ayala Museum!

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Today, we released the 6th issue of Katha, with the theme “local colors”.
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Oh hi, July!

This is my mom’s birthday month so we celebrated several times in several places. The most unforgettable part would have to be our short but super relaxing vacay at Balay Indang.


Miniature vintage table


I took lots of photos, swam, and ate my weight in their delicious homecooked meals. I’ll tell you more about it later! 🙂

A little help?

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Teach yo’self: Watercolored seascape and a gladiola

The other day my folks came from Baguio and got me fresh flowers as pasalubong:


I tried painting the gladiola, without drawing pencil lines because I wanted to try how to be spontaneous. And I was impatient.


I also challenged myself with painting a seascape based on my memories of our local beaches. I didn’t use a reference photo so I did what I could and hoped for the best:


I plan on painting this next. Maybe I’ll draw this in pencil first: