Good things: Books, tzatziki, and the sun setting


Before the rain, this was my view. I drank my fave milk tea for lunch and bought groceries for the week ahead. I went a bit over my budget, but I was going to make tzatziki for the first time, so this was alright. I was able to watch a quick recipe for it at the house of my folks (we have been tv-free for around 7 years now), and I couldn’t wait to make it. I hummed a tune while I toasted the pita bread and got a bit distracted while grating the cucumbers that I slipped and grated myself. Ouch. There’s always a first time for everything, and now I know better. I was too lazy to remove the seeds and considered it as fiber, and too generous with the lime juice, but I like sour things, so it’s okay.


It was messy and challenging to clean, so maybe I’d devise a neater system next time. I ate it while watching the sun set, and remembered my Booksale find:


An autographed Erika Lopez book, the third one in the Tomato trilogy. Now I’m just missing the first book, and I’m confident that I’d find it in Booksale. Maybe next year.

With the other half of the lime, I made myself this dayap cooler with mint and honey, and began reading.


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