Artsycraftsy exploration: From where I’ve been

I have a lot of stories to tell you, concerning the highlights of the past few months–but sometimes time slips by so fast. I’m in the process of organizing my photos and memories, and here’s a sneak peek. Having a virtual memory trigger is one of the reasons why I love having my blog, especially since my memory seems to fail me more each day. Right now it is around 3 am in the morning, and our internet is so slow during the peak hours so I have decided to stay up late and post as many posts as I can manage, if the connection would allow me. It’s for my future self anyway, and a few years from now, losing a few hours of sleep for something you love won’t really hurt anyway.


IMG_5147 ere IMG_4899 IMG_4929 IMG_4956 IMG_4974 IMG_5017 IMG_5132


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