Artsycraftsy exploration: Type Kita 2

Because I had so much fun at the last type kita event (and I’m trying to learn typography), I’m attending both days in this year’s type kita exhibit!  🙂
The first day was yesterday–I went with Jaycee and Almi and was so happy I got to watch Kay Aranzanso’s live chalk lettering and The Fozzy Book and La Bella Scrittura’s calligraphy demo–both are in my bucket list, so yay!



I don’t want to spoil the surprise, it’s best to check it out for yourself today! 🙂 Here’s my loot:


Here’s my fave pic taken by Fran with the Ang Ink/Speculiars peeps. I spilled some water on my shorts during the calligraphy workshop because I’m graceful like that haha and it looks like I peed on myself with excitement Lol:


Best. Day. Ever!

See them live today! 🙂

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