I’ve been addicted to filling up my planner daily, thanks to stickers and colorful pens and washi tape. 🙂 I thought of adding extra challenges per month, and shared this with fellow journal/planner lovers, or simply anyone who might enjoy a creative prompt.

This project, which I called #365goodvibes, is meant to be done one day a month, or maybe two, or maybe the whole month if you’re competitive, haha.

For January: Bucket list items.
One a day, explain, or write a list daily, like crafty bucket list, resto bucket list, adventures bucket list, etc. etc.

For February: I love…
Lists of things you love! Or lists of lists you like making haha

For March: Share knowledge
Time to share and give back! Share recipes you enjoy making, tips for how to get the best ukay picks if you’re a master ukayer, etc.

For April: Summer memories
What do you miss most about summer? Then make new memories by listing down summer-y plans


For May: Date yourself
Document how your date went. Do stuff you like, with someone you love—YOU!

For June: Creative tools
Share your fave tools and tell us about your workspace as well!

For July: Who are your heroes?
Mine is Lynda Barry. And Angelina Jolie.

For August: Travel wishlist
Draw or write about places you want to visit.

For September: Books you love
Or movies you love! Or both.

For October: Daily Mantra
Because you are beautiful

For November: Leave your comfort zone
Time to do all those stuff you swore you’d do in the early part of the year, heh

For December: Give thanks
Write love notes, give them, what makes you feel blessed and happy to be alive?

Tag your posts with #365goodvibes! Let’s do this!!

Artsycrafty challenge: Don’t think, just do


Without thinking too much about it, I followed my heart and just painted. I ended up with someone who resembled Weetzie Bat from Francesca Lia Block’s books.

The colors reminded me of L.a. too, and the blooming of the paint reminded me of the palm trees. I love serendipity. 🙂

Artsycraftsy experiment: painting the background first, learning about tone


I’ve been reading about how this is the correct way to paint watercolors– paint the background first before the foreground and yesterday I finally gave it a try.

The reference photo I used was taken by Aneta Bartos for Nylon magazine. I also finally used my holbein tubes, which I’ve been saving because they are really expensive, but, yolo.

I also tried this exercise in tone from the Just Draw it book. I filled up a whole bond paper with pencil shades, one shade darker per page (I used hb, 2b and 4b) and tore up the three pages to mimic shapes of various tones, then glued them to create this:


Super messy (I probably won’t do this again–I wanted to stop midway in frustration heh) but I accepted this challenge, so…


I had a “me” date yesterday, and I got to tick off another item from my bucket list, which is to fill a page with watercolored plants. Feels great. 🙂

Happy birthday to me


I’d like to remember this day as the day I ate a corned beef sandwich at a boat, the day serendipity and the universe conspired in teasing me, but still proving how much they love me at the end. The day ended with an unexpected Vikings dinner with my family and partner, and a whole roll of my fave cake, with cat-themed gifts. My wish is for contentment and happiness, less pms and more gratitude, more noticing the now. Dear love, thank you for being patient with me and for always being there–you are perfect and the best eternal birthday gift, I hope you know that.

Advice to my ever forgetful self from a small room near the vast sea

When you read this, you will most definitely be older. You wrote it at a fave beach, hours before your birthday, eating sweetish spicy korean fried chicken with rice and yakult while your love slept, clutching her aching tummy filled with too much heat and laughter. Minutes ago you were exploring the area, looking for bananas, yakult and skyflakes, in that particular order. This is wisdom from years of staying out in the sun for too long in scorching summer days. You marvel at the kindness of strangers, their open, welcoming faces as they gave directions and imparted navigational tips. You ended up with a bruised fuji apple, and a gatorade in that vintage glass bottle, because that was the cheaper kind. She marvels at this packaging, how rare and quirky it looks, a bit strange when you’re used to the new kind. I smell sunblock on myself and feel the sand settled on my shoulders, completely at home.

I want you to remember to live in the moment and slow down when you can. I feel the capricorn side of my brain computing the hours till we leave but I’m training it to lock itself up when it’s on vacation, to take a breather and relax, because time is relative.

Remember to always draw and write when you can. I am happiest when I’m looking at past travel/trip journals because I get to travel back in time and relive fave moments in a few minutes. I know how it’s tiresome when you’re busy but try and make time for it.

Listen more.

Ride the waves.