Advice to my ever forgetful self from a small room near the vast sea

When you read this, you will most definitely be older. You wrote it at a fave beach, hours before your birthday, eating sweetish spicy korean fried chicken with rice and yakult while your love slept, clutching her aching tummy filled with too much heat and laughter. Minutes ago you were exploring the area, looking for bananas, yakult and skyflakes, in that particular order. This is wisdom from years of staying out in the sun for too long in scorching summer days. You marvel at the kindness of strangers, their open, welcoming faces as they gave directions and imparted navigational tips. You ended up with a bruised fuji apple, and a gatorade in that vintage glass bottle, because that was the cheaper kind. She marvels at this packaging, how rare and quirky it looks, a bit strange when you’re used to the new kind. I smell sunblock on myself and feel the sand settled on my shoulders, completely at home.

I want you to remember to live in the moment and slow down when you can. I feel the capricorn side of my brain computing the hours till we leave but I’m training it to lock itself up when it’s on vacation, to take a breather and relax, because time is relative.

Remember to always draw and write when you can. I am happiest when I’m looking at past travel/trip journals because I get to travel back in time and relive fave moments in a few minutes. I know how it’s tiresome when you’re busy but try and make time for it.

Listen more.

Ride the waves.


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