Artsycraftsy experiment: painting the background first, learning about tone


I’ve been reading about how this is the correct way to paint watercolors– paint the background first before the foreground and yesterday I finally gave it a try.

The reference photo I used was taken by Aneta Bartos for Nylon magazine. I also finally used my holbein tubes, which I’ve been saving because they are really expensive, but, yolo.

I also tried this exercise in tone from the Just Draw it book. I filled up a whole bond paper with pencil shades, one shade darker per page (I used hb, 2b and 4b) and tore up the three pages to mimic shapes of various tones, then glued them to create this:


Super messy (I probably won’t do this again–I wanted to stop midway in frustration heh) but I accepted this challenge, so…


I had a “me” date yesterday, and I got to tick off another item from my bucket list, which is to fill a page with watercolored plants. Feels great. šŸ™‚


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