I’ve been addicted to filling up my planner daily, thanks to stickers and colorful pens and washi tape. 🙂 I thought of adding extra challenges per month, and shared this with fellow journal/planner lovers, or simply anyone who might enjoy a creative prompt.

This project, which I called #365goodvibes, is meant to be done one day a month, or maybe two, or maybe the whole month if you’re competitive, haha.

For January: Bucket list items.
One a day, explain, or write a list daily, like crafty bucket list, resto bucket list, adventures bucket list, etc. etc.

For February: I love…
Lists of things you love! Or lists of lists you like making haha

For March: Share knowledge
Time to share and give back! Share recipes you enjoy making, tips for how to get the best ukay picks if you’re a master ukayer, etc.

For April: Summer memories
What do you miss most about summer? Then make new memories by listing down summer-y plans


For May: Date yourself
Document how your date went. Do stuff you like, with someone you love—YOU!

For June: Creative tools
Share your fave tools and tell us about your workspace as well!

For July: Who are your heroes?
Mine is Lynda Barry. And Angelina Jolie.

For August: Travel wishlist
Draw or write about places you want to visit.

For September: Books you love
Or movies you love! Or both.

For October: Daily Mantra
Because you are beautiful

For November: Leave your comfort zone
Time to do all those stuff you swore you’d do in the early part of the year, heh

For December: Give thanks
Write love notes, give them, what makes you feel blessed and happy to be alive?

Tag your posts with #365goodvibes! Let’s do this!!

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