Bucket list item: My very own Project Life book

I first saw a Project Life spread in one of the blogs I was stalking years ago. I remember seeing those clear pockets and being amazed at how something as simple as partitions in clear book refills and color-coordinated cards could make such a huge world of difference, aesthetic-wise. The spreads I saw were lovely and filled with joy and I wanted one too, to be filled with memory triggers.

It isn’t that cheap, so it took me years before I finally decided to get one for my travel photos. I like actual books more than ebooks since I love the book smell and paper texture, and I wanted something tangible to remind me of those happy times and to encourage me to remember gratitude. So I got myself one last night and I was so excited about making a spread so I made one (which was more challenging than what I expected) featuring our first beach trip this year:



I slept less than 4 hours last night because of this haha. What I used: a handpainted watercolor background with ephemera, instax photos I covered with washi for added color, bits of washi for confetti, motex tapes using my dymo labelmaker, vintage transfer letters, handwritten text, vintage date stamp, more washi πŸ™‚

I can’t wait to make more spreads!


6 thoughts on “Bucket list item: My very own Project Life book

  1. Giiirl matagal ko narin gusto magstart ng Project Life! Mostly because it would help me make more sense of all the stuff I’ve taken home with me from travels and sightseeing like brochures, tickets, etc. Konting push pa bibili narin ako!
    Love how colorful your pages are, Drea na Drea! πŸ˜€

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