Exploring the Universe: Japan 2015-Osaka!

I can’t get over how happy I was that we were able to visit one of my dream destinations last March: Japan! My excitement was beyond words–I was dreaming of this since I was a kid and I couldn’t believe we were finally going! There will be miracles when you believe!

I borrowed sd cards and filled around 10 gb with photos. In my excitement, most of those shots are blurry, though. I wanted to capture every moment but my hands wouldn’t cooperate, heh. I also wanted to fill my travel sketchbook with daily observations/food/people dorkwings but I couldn’t really decide if I wanted to draw or just stare at everything with happy tears streaming down my facee

(I did some drawings after, though, before I forget the happy memories. See my instagram for sneak peeks: @aphazia)

Here are some highlights of our Osaka trip. We went to Osaka, Nara, Kyoto and Tokyo.
Click each photo if you want to enlarge it. šŸ™‚
Touchdown! First photo op, with vendo and Pikachu because why not:


We ate at this resto where I had delicious katsudon and soup. This was super good.


My first sakura sighting! I walked around the neighborhood and saw this and went emotional. I thought we wouldn’t be able to see sakura since from my research they already peaked a week before we arrived. Glad to know I was wrong! Ate a strawberry pon de ring (the best!) from Mister Donut from 7-11, an egg and orangina near this, thanking my lucky stars all the while.


Art everywhere! Love the sculptures along the main road.

My brother told us he saw what seemed like “tiangges” around 6 blocks from the hotel so we walked towards the area for dinner. It turned out to be around 60 blocks and we stumbled upon this DIY okonomiyaki place where I almost lost it because: bottomless bonito flakes and all the condiments! AAAAAAAAAAAAaaa

Beside it was a store selling taiyaki: wafer fishies with red bean inside.

Rush hour! Spring break! Universal! A bit wild, but still organized–if you’ve experienced our MRT rides during rush hour (and in the rainy season), you’d understand what I mean by “wild”.

I loved seeing the matchy-matchy groups/couples inside!
IMG_0225 IMG_0234

Second sakura sighting, at the Sanrio area! I took a gazillion photos here.

Butterbeer, finally! The cold one tasted like ginger ale, the hot one like cinammon. I loved the cold one more.



We visited the Osaka Castle grounds the next day. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for walking around. I love how the people there that I’ve talked to anticipated sunny days. A lot of them told me when the sun would be out–a sign for partying in their beautiful parks.

I wasn’t able to try on a kimono, but I was able to try on a samurai warrior suit! That headdress is super heavy and was tied so tight to my head so it won’t fall and kill someone by accident. I kid. Or not.
IMG_1082 IMG_1397 IMG_1476

I went crazy over the merchandise in this shop, a serendipitous find in a train station.

What I love most about Osaka:

– The delicious foodums

– That bookstore above the train station near our stop

– The Ortigas/Makati vibe, with all the people with their determined/focused looks going to work

– That quirky/creepy building near our hotel which had a vintage-y jazz bar at the basement, which was cool and a bit eerie

– The transpo system was easy to navigate for someone directionally-challenged like me

– I saw so many sakura trees in full bloom at the Osaka Castle grounds! Wish granted!

Up next: Nara!


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