2015 yearender

2015 is the year for “Creating joy, and finding it”. I named it that way because I wanted to encourage myself to make more stuff (art, write more, cook, etc.) and to find joy in the simple things–I often forget to give thanks to the daily blessings I receive so I vowed to write things I’m grateful for in my planner.
Except for some days when I was abroad, I was able to fill said planner with things that made me happy: What I ate, who I artambayed with, small daily miracles. The Universe was infinitely kind to me this year.

I love looking back at my past planner entries and seeing little doodles and stickers in some entries. I’m going to continue this gratitude planner tradition for 2016, except this time I’ll be keeping a big Filed! planner for my gratitude lists and a small Starbucks moleskine daily planner for daily sketches.

The past planner entries also helped me in keeping track of the highlights of this year too!

Some faves for 2015:

❤ Bora birthday salubong with Kate, stayed at one of my dream destinations: Milflores, which was filled with Beth Parrocha-Doctolero’s paintings and other quirky handmade stuff
❤ Missy’s wedding
❤ Frequent visits to the gym with dad
❤ Tinyletter replies
❤ started Chinese brush painting, thanks to lessons from Sel
❤ Obsessed with Serial
❤ DMC Craft popup with the Kiligraphy crew
❤ Adventure time Mcdo birthday with Armin

❤ Discovered frannerd, got obsessed with hobonichis and midoris
❤ Memorized Left eye’s rap part in Waterfalls
❤ Tried hula hooping, lessons at the park
❤ Art Fair 2015 Philippines
❤ Kiligraphy art date: Pinto, Kanto, Heima Paper Stories, Serenitea, Artfair
❤ Picsart collages
❤ February Kiligraphy date with the crew and Richelle
❤ Artambay with Ella at Goldilocks
❤ Started drinking lemon water
❤ Binondo artdate with Sel and Av
❤ Started Project life

❤ Learning how to use chopsticks lol
❤ Rhea’s birthday at J Cuppacakes
❤ Jogging by myself, lay in the grass while staring at the moon and listening to Beck and Bon Iver for hours after
❤ Saw a gorgeous kitty at the park, played with it
❤ Famdate at BGC, ate liquid nitrogen ice cream!!
❤ Learned shadowing from Ella, started #booksIwanttomarry project
❤ Met Besta from Jakarta
❤ Japan visa approved! Multiple entries, huhuh thanks Universe!
❤ Started watching The unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
❤ Art in the Park!
❤ Tried 3d lettering!
❤ JAPANNN (Separate entries about this lol) FAVES: Stationery, sakura, okonomiyaki, onsen, kombinis, harry potter, allie meetup, deer!

❤ Still Japan
❤ Started my japan travel journals
❤ Kiligraphy at 6750
❤ Mayumi Heat reunion at Legazpi park
❤ #gratefulgiveaway
❤ beach with Kate’s barkada, Bale pampanga, duty free

❤ Featured crafter at Crafttime magazine
❤ Zine night
❤ 1st engraved mint notebook!
❤ Kung paano ako naging leading lady the musical
❤ TWYK Pampanga, toll house, taught fashion illustration
❤ Jogging and chika at Salcedo Ayala
❤ Pen Meet Manila 3–met calligrakada and Ria!
❤ BGC Art Mart
❤ “Your magazine is wonderful!’- Danny Gregory (AAHHHH)
❤ Finally tasted cake and leche puto
❤ Iloilo/ Guimaras trip with Kate and her angels

❤ Drills night with Pat at caffe Benne
❤ Journal date with Aina at Starbucks<3 Tagaytay with Kate’s hs barkada: Marcia’s Tuscany, Teresita’s yummy halo-halo

❤ Drills date with Rob and Erika
❤ Polar Bear Cafe
❤ Ella artambay Satinka
❤ Splurged on coloring books
❤ Arranged my pens
❤ PAWS popup kitty box OMGG
❤ ZIG Pen meet at Shang
❤ Rekindled my love for urban sketching

❤ Calligraphy bootcamp
❤ Office outing: LA LUZ, championsss
❤ TypeLab, thanks to Nicole for the tickets
❤ Trinoma artambay with Kat and Ella and Karishma
❤ Valerie’s botanical art workshop
❤ Sundate: Kettle, Duck and Buvette, Poetry and Prose at Shang
❤ Painted flowers in a wreath for the first time
❤ Inspire Everyday! Got the coveted Abigail dela Cruz postcard!
❤ Calligrakada Pen Meet at Plaza Cafe

❤ My very 1st group exhibit! Palette Palate
❤ Visited Common Room
❤ Streatart fair
❤ Books for less warehouse sale
❤ Artambay with journal friends: Reg, Airees and Ria
❤ salt Bakery
❤ Urban sketching at the Ayala Triangle
❤ Learned juggling!
❤ Lyra Garcellano’s exhibit
❤ Watercolor dutdutambay
❤ BGC Lunch with Besta, new boots!
❤ Steven Universe!
❤ 5 flavors of taters
❤ Discovered choco yema from Slice
❤ Over the garden wall
❤ Song of the sea
❤ Earth Kitchen artambay with Erika and Cher
❤ Paradores del Castillo
❤ 100 day project meetup
❤ Spence class with Huy Hoang Dao

❤ Aposento with Erika
❤ Milky and Sunny with Kate and her angels
❤ Brush lettering tips from Rob and Erika
❤ Made my own diy watercolor kit
❤ Laduree anniv date and coco ichibanya
❤ Cubao chapter reunion at wingman
❤ Artambay with ronnie and erika lol
❤ Artambay with Jean at cbtl
❤ Free subway meal! 50th customer!
❤ Learned about mapping the face
❤ Staple and Perk with Marie April Laura
❤ Rustic mornings
❤ Heneral Luna
❤ New purple uke

❤ Inktober birds! Completed!
❤ Promoted at work!
❤ Xbox night
❤ Dutdutambay with Dheng
❤ Artswap with Junemonsters ❤
❤ Ms. Arlene bought my watercolored flowers!
❤ PAN movie night with Cher and Erika
❤ swap Watch Launch
❤ Tamen de gushi
❤ Wabi lapotitas
❤ Big Magic- my fave book this year
❤ Inkfest!
❤ Painted lolo’s lapida
❤ 60 colors, holbein!!
❤ O magazine addiction
❤ Trick or Treat at work

❤ Filed planner giveaway!
❤ Sicilian chicken pasta experiment
❤ Used my new razor on myself, shaved my head!
❤ 5 new kitties
❤ Girltalk with Erika
❤ Zig 2015 calligraphy fair
❤ Sundate at Mr. Pizza
❤ Made ATCs
❤ Ella Japan bookdate
❤ Art journal date with Aina
❤ Just Add water watercolor event
❤ Meetup with pearl
❤ Meetup with Pox and Nix
❤ Richelle and Geli’s Hole in the wall workshop
❤ In love with Duffy and Bishop and Mary Oliver
❤ Emil’s treat at dean and de
❤ Chalkboard lettering for Paul’s store sign!
❤ Ria at Booksale!

❤ Saga and Afterlife with Archie
❤ Office xmas party, design committee
❤ Urban sketching at the park!
❤ Urban sketching at night
❤ Typekita 3! Exhibited some works
❤ Met Erika M
❤ Tita house party
❤ Friends marathon
❤ Mystery manila! Mystery solved: Virtual voyage

2016 is going to be my year for “abundance”. My savings got depleted this year because I went all out in terms of buying experiences lol and actual things that would allow me to enjoy life (like art materials and food). Here’s to hoping that I get a lot of commissioned work and projects on the side next year, that I have an abundance of new adventures and new experiences, and a lot of time to spend with my loved ones and friends old and new.
Actual cash would also be nice, haha, so here’s to letting the universe know what I want and need lol. Thanks in advance, universe!

Have a super awesome 2016! 🙂 This is going to be our year, I just know it. 🙂

Neko atsume craze

Thanks to @ella_lama, I got myself the english neko atsume app and I’ve been hooked since day 1! I am 10 gold coins away from the yard expansion and I can’t wait to finally expand my yard so I can save up for the toys and fancy food for my kitties. I love cocoa, snowball and breezy 🙂 I made a quick sketch inspired by my obsession:


Here’s our take on Katha Magazine’s “Versus”. Inspired by the botanical lettering of Bethany Robertson, Ella did the one on top and I did the one at the bottom:


Color palettes

Inspired by the book “Local color” by
Mimi Robinson, I’ve been painting color palettes based on places I’ve visited. I enjoyed learning about the basic colors I have in my kit and seeing past photos I took of places dear to my heart 🙂