What I’ve been up to: Feb 2016


We were able to watch the band Stars again at Good Vybes! I enjoyed the performances of the other bands as well–Chvrches, Passion Pit and Oh Wonder. Four awesome bands I really love so we were dancing all night! πŸ™‚


I really really wish I could have a hobonichi techo for my illustrated daily planner but am making the most out of my moleskine starbucks as if now.


I went to the artfair with Ella! You can see my faves in my instagram account: mabuhaydiy πŸ™‚ went out feeling inspired and also very lola–I seem to tire easily as I grow older huhu


Here’s an excerpt from an essay by Daniel Reynolds of The Advocate about being gay. I can NOT be silent about this especially since it affects me personally (yes, I am gay and living happily with my partner for 10 years–if we could get married we’d do it instantly, but just for the rights–that’s what’s most important for us, equal rights and benefits and privileges as other human beings). Know that I am speaking out for my lgbt comrades who cannot, and know that I also found Pacquiao’s homophobic statements to be out of line, hate-filled, abhorrent and misleading scientifically. I have unfriended FB friends who are homophobic and I will not tolerate justifications of “free speech” because as a wise queer friend says–free speech in a democracy protects you from racism, sexism, homophobia, it does not excuse you. Especially since you’re running for office. Feel free to unfriend me if you disagree, no hard feelings.

Thank you for listening. Not spreading hate, but rather, stopping hate from spreading. I sincerely hope you’re on our side because the world certainly needs more people who can accept that love between two people is a human right and deserves equal rights in society.


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