You’re invited to my first journaling demo :)

Hello friends! I will be doing a journaling demo on May 7 at the Pagtitipon event hosted by @thecuriousartisan @the_md_writes and @calligrakada. 🙂

I’ve been writing and drawing and collaging on my journals since I was a kid because it helped me remember the highlights of my day and document happy memories. I also try to draw what I see as much  as I can because a drawing done from life can easily transport you to that exact moment, like magic! Try it and see what I mean.

I made several rubber stamps today: a bookplate, diy seals and a mail-themed one for my journals and books:


I also collaborated with @kraftkart! I designed these book-themed stamps–a botanical bookplate and mini books:


So many exciting things are happening all at once and it makes me so giddy, thank universe! Happy weekend!

Book review: Meditate your weight by Tiffany Cruikshank


I’ve been meditating for quite some time, and I was really pleased when I started reading this book. It extolls on the values of meditation and how it’s beneficial to your body. It’s essentially divided into two major parts, and the first part contains facts about how meditation is helpful to your mind and body. They’re backed by research which I enjoyed, and is easy to understand (except perhaps for some parts with scientific terms where my eyes kind of glazed for a bit haha). The second part contains daily meditation exercises which you’re supposed to do for 21 days and I’m on day 4 right now. It contains thoughts to reflect on, and the time you must spend for meditating for that day to ease you into doing a longer, more beneficial, practice, and has a journalling assignment at the end of each practice. I love how I get to understand myself more daily because of this book, and the losing weight part is much anticipated as well. I am hopeful about losing weight via this book, and if not, the meditation part more than makes up for it. 🙂

Rating: 5/5 stars

Disclaimer: Received this review copy from All thoughts are my own.


Read more about this book from Amazon.


Calligraphy on tote bags

I felt so happy when my friend Geli invited me to join her for an afternoon of painting tote bags for Avon. It was an exciting opportunity for me, since I’d be writing on bags as per requests of the clients. It would also be an on-the-spot affair, so double the excitement! And jitters too, to be honest. But the people from Avon were so warm and friendly and after some time we found ourselves cracking jokes with them while working:



This was my first customer and I hope she liked it! Apologies for the blurry photo, I think I got too excited when I took this shot haha.

We also met two very talented ladies who will also do calligraphy on the tote bags alongside us. They were only in highschool but I’m already certain they’d go places soon. 🙂 


Thank you again, Geli and Avon for this fantastic opportunity. Hope the ladies liked their customized tote bags. 🙂

100 day project 2016

Last year, I joined Elle Luna and The Great Discontent’s  #100dayproject to challenge myself. It coincided with my trip to Japan and I finished up to around day 21 only. Hopefully this year is different!

I’m doing #100daysofhandsketches and I’ll use different materials (pens, markers, crayons, etc.) everyday. 🙂




Will you be joining too? 🙂

Review: Traveling with Faber-Castell watercolor pencils

My mom gave me a set of mini watercolor pencils from Faber-Castell some years ago and they’re still what I bring with me when I travel. I love the convenience of having handy pencils and watercolors in one portable set, and how the 12 colors are enough to create more colors. Perfect for traveling, since it’s spillproof and very convenient.

On the road with my trusty journal and trusty Faber-Castell watercolor pencils:


My old set is worn into one-inch stumps but they’ve been with me to a lot of trips and they now have a sentimental value. I was lucky enough to be provided with a new set by Faber-Castell for review, which I immediately tested on my journal:


You can achieve a high-level of intensity by building up the layers and blend two colors to create a new one. We also used it to color, and here’s what my cousin came up with–this is her first time to color and try these pencils and she loved it. Look at how beautiful  her output was:


I’m having another trip soon and I’m surely bringing my Faber-Castell set with me again. 🙂 🙌

Disclosure: The items used in this post were samples provided by the brand. All opinions expressed are my own.

Review: Bonding and unwinding with Obra coloring books from Sterling


These beautiful coloring books were a huge part of my weekend.

Last night, I met a friend I haven’t seen in a long time and we did a lot of catching up over coffee.

I taught her about color and watercolors (p.s. I have watercolor workshops in Makati, if you want to learn, go to:

She applied what she learned to these coloring books and when her husband arrived, he also joined us:


The pages are filled with unique and inpsiring artworks waiting to be colored:



My cousin and I bonded over coloring this morning as well:


Still in awe of her color choices and combinations! 🙂

I’m happy that I got to bond and create art with my friends and family, and I think coloring artambays are great activities that would allow you to talk while still zoning out and being in the “flow”. 🙂

Disclosure: The items used in this post were samples provided by the brand. All opinions expressed are my own.

Review: Color your world with Titus pens

If you’ve ever tried drawing with a ballpoint pen, you’d know that it’s both challenging and exciting. It can’t be erased so each mark has to be deliberate, but that’s also the exact quality which makes it so exciting to work with–you won’t waste time second-guessing your marks and it will put you more in the “flow”, a state of being in the zone where the only matter of importance is you and what you’re doing, which is doodling, in this case.

That feeling of being in the “flow” of things is how I felt when I doodled using these Titus pens. I wanted to try them out because I actually love drawing with ballpens ever since I studied ballpen drawing in an art workshop by the Father of art workshops Fernando Sena a couple of summers ago. He gave us tips on drawing using ballpoint pens and what I remember most is his tip on drawing using one direction only.

Here’s what I came up with, using Titus Pens. I’m currently out of town right now and this is a clue to where I am right now:


Titus pens come in a variety of shades which makes it perfect for drawing and shading: black, blue, red, yellow, brown, orange, purple, green, sky blue, pink. They write smoothly, but my hands were oily which I think made some parts smudge a bit, heh. I still love how smoothly they wrote though. 🙂

These ballpen artworks were made on-the-spot by youth all over the Philippines using Titus pens. Jaw-dropping and super inspiring:


Ballpen party! My fave would have to be the Titus OMG! Retractable w/grip (in the photo below, the violet and pink one at the middle) because of the rubbery grip, since I’m heavy-handed.


Ballpen bouquet for you:


Disclosure: The items used in this post were samples provided by the brand. All opinions expressed are my own.

For more updates, you can follow Titus pens on instagram @TitusPens or via facebook:

Review: Paper possibilities with Ifex Paper

I’m pretty sure I’d probably faint from excitement if Ifex paper takes me to their warehouse, haha. I had such a great time just admiring and touching all the paper samples in their booth at the SM Stationery Art Fest.

I wanted to burst into a Disney-inspired little mermaid song number:
They’ve got watercolor paper and calligraphy pads aplenty–They’ve got cardstock and sketchpads galoreee

If you’re a paper lover like me, you’d understand, right?

Ifex stands for International Fine Paper Exchange, and they are the distributors of brands like Canson, Olin, Rives and Curious Collection, among many others. Canson is the watercolor paper brand I mostly use so I was really thrilled to see their booth at the SM Stationery Art Fest. 🙂


Their press kit (pictured above) contained products made using their paper: A planner, a calendar and coasters. Their calendar showcased a different type of paper per month with special printing techniques like these:


These paper samples make choosing the right paper easier and hassle-free. Love that you get to see the exact shades and thickness of each sheet, and know instantly the colors they come in. This is perfect for people looking for paper suppliers for their cards or invites.

Here’s an example of their paper in action. Love the cutout detail!


My business cards are totally DIY but seeing the countless possibilities with Ifex paper is making me excited to redesign my cards. Maybe something with gold foil?.:)

Check out the instagram page of Ifex: @ifexph, or email them at

Disclosure: The items used in this post were samples provided by the brand. All opinions expressed are my own.

An artsy craftsy summer at the SM Stationery Art Fest

Summer for me means unwinding, relaxing, and trying new things. I did all of those today at the SM Stationery Art Fest at SM Megamall. I also met new friends!

If you love arts and crafts supplies and learning as much as I do, I bet you’d have a blast as well at the SM Stationery Art Fest. I’m still adding items to my wishlist haha. From today till April 17, Sunday, they’re having pop-up booths of arts and crafts brands, coloring activities, on-the-spot calligraphy and papercutting, and more!

This coming weekend (April 16-17), they’ll be having the workshops of super-talented local creatives. The corresponding workshop per brand is free when you purchase Php300 worth of products from their partner brands: Ifex (International Fine Paper Exchange), Pentel, Titus and Faber-Castell. For updates and for the details, check out their FB page: Or check out my previous post.

I have always loved arts and crafts supplies so I was really excited about today’s event. (So excited that I went to the venue one hour earlier, lol)

Even the stage got me excited! How awesome is this giant orange comma:



At the Ifex booth were these beautiful artworks by Alexis of Inkscribbler. They also sold various pads (Canson is one of my faves!), calligraphy pads and the books of Abbey Sy:


Here’s Wednesday Sambile, doing on-the-spot papercutting and calligraphy! Starting today until Sunday, you can get a free papercut and/or calligraphy from her when you buy Php200 worth of products from Ifex.


These paper samples from Ifex had me salivating–I’m a sucker for colorful things and paper so I spent a lot of time just admiring these samples. You can order paper from them for use in invites, greeting cards, business cards, etc.:


At the Pilot booth, where you can test their parallel pens:IMG_20160413_203815.jpg

Here’s Tippy and Pearl trying them out:


Adult coloring books!


There were artworks everywhere to inspire you even more:


I got excited when I saw the Faber-Castell polychromos pencils at their booth:


The greatest part was when I asked if I could try them and they said yes! Another item ticked off my bucket list. 🙂


They’re so easy to blend and smooth–I can imagine why it’s part of their premium line. Wish I could have this set (and the beautiful container!).

More artworks:

These mason jars with colored pens inside and fresh flowers are so pretty! At the Titus booth:


These flowers are fresh and lovely! I had to take another photo. I want to draw/paint this one day:


Since I love notebooks and pens, I was drawn to SM Stationery’s stall. Notebooks and pens make my heart beat faster haha:IMG_20160413_160715.jpg

Got myself nifty pens! Look at those cute designs!


In the venue are huge color-it-yourself murals that anyone can color or doodle on. Here’s me trying it out. Thanks to Tita Ella for taking this photo!

Happy to see everyone coloring and doodling! Love how art brings people together, no matter what your age may be:


I ended the day feeling inspired and invigorated, and surprisingly relaxed. Something about art puts me in the zone and most of the time it’s almost the same relaxed level of feeling you get from a massage or from a chill day. Does that happen to you too?

Here’s a peek of my loot–Expect a detailed review soon! I can’t wait to play with all of them. 🙂

Hurry on over to SM Megamall for the SM Stationery Art Fest until this Sunday, April 17. Unleash your creative side and have an artsy craftsy summer! 🙂

P.S. Check out the instagram hashtag: #SMStationeryArtFest for more photos from today’s event.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. 🙂


What I’ve been up to: April 2016

How’s your year so far? Summer is really here in Manila and I find myself enjoying hanging out inside an air conditioned mall when I have free time, finishing spreads in my art journal. It helps if you have icy cold milk tea with you while you work haha.

My planner is filled with things I’m grateful for. A sneak peek:


I love making art before I rush off to work each morning. Here’s a washi fashioj collage I made the other day:


P.s. These gilded hand-painted stickers will be on sale in a bazaar very soon! Stay tuned for the details 🙂