Review: Bonding and unwinding with Obra coloring books from Sterling


These beautiful coloring books were a huge part of my weekend.

Last night, I met a friend I haven’t seen in a long time and we did a lot of catching up over coffee.

I taught her about color and watercolors (p.s. I have watercolor workshops in Makati, if you want to learn, go to:

She applied what she learned to these coloring books and when her husband arrived, he also joined us:


The pages are filled with unique and inpsiring artworks waiting to be colored:



My cousin and I bonded over coloring this morning as well:


Still in awe of her color choices and combinations! 🙂

I’m happy that I got to bond and create art with my friends and family, and I think coloring artambays are great activities that would allow you to talk while still zoning out and being in the “flow”. 🙂

Disclosure: The items used in this post were samples provided by the brand. All opinions expressed are my own.


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