Review: Paper possibilities with Ifex Paper

I’m pretty sure I’d probably faint from excitement if Ifex paper takes me to their warehouse, haha. I had such a great time just admiring and touching all the paper samples in their booth at the SM Stationery Art Fest.

I wanted to burst into a Disney-inspired little mermaid song number:
They’ve got watercolor paper and calligraphy pads aplenty–They’ve got cardstock and sketchpads galoreee

If you’re a paper lover like me, you’d understand, right?

Ifex stands for International Fine Paper Exchange, and they are the distributors of brands like Canson, Olin, Rives and Curious Collection, among many others. Canson is the watercolor paper brand I mostly use so I was really thrilled to see their booth at the SM Stationery Art Fest. 🙂


Their press kit (pictured above) contained products made using their paper: A planner, a calendar and coasters. Their calendar showcased a different type of paper per month with special printing techniques like these:


These paper samples make choosing the right paper easier and hassle-free. Love that you get to see the exact shades and thickness of each sheet, and know instantly the colors they come in. This is perfect for people looking for paper suppliers for their cards or invites.

Here’s an example of their paper in action. Love the cutout detail!


My business cards are totally DIY but seeing the countless possibilities with Ifex paper is making me excited to redesign my cards. Maybe something with gold foil?.:)

Check out the instagram page of Ifex: @ifexph, or email them at

Disclosure: The items used in this post were samples provided by the brand. All opinions expressed are my own.


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