Take my money! My trip to the SM Stationery Department

My fave season is back-to-school season because it meant going to the bookstores to buy school supplies like notebooks, art supplies, etc.

I no longer go to school (except for the occasional language classes and workshops) but back-to-school season still excites me majorly. I love seeing school/office supplies, organizational tools and stationery goodies and there’s always a great chance that there are new innovative items.

I’ve mentioned in my previous posts how my fave SM section is the stationery department and I was raring to check out the area and maybe hoard haha. The nearest SM branch to me was SM Makati so I went there and immediately targeted the Stationery section.  I was looking forward to hoarding pens and notebooks for my art journaling but boy oh boy I got pleasantly surprised when I entered the area. So many cute and colorful (and useful!) items!

They have all the school supplies you need and they are well-stocked in every section. From pens to notebooks and paper to coloring materials to bags and organizers, everything you need for school/work can be found here. I love how they have so many options for each category. I’ve snapped some photos of items I particularly fell in love with.

I gravitated towards the stickers first because I am so addicted to stickers. I use it for decorating my journals and planners and I bet students would have a fun time using these to decorate their notebooks too (or retreat letters haha). These are all so stylish and affordable and I had to stop myself from hoarding one of each sheet:



Here you can find Martha Stewart (!) punchers and craft materials, pretty notebooks and lots of paper and washi tape. There’s also paper with lovely designs that you can use for scrapbooking or wrapping your notebooks with. When I was studying I had very inexpensive spiral notebooks for school and to make it cuter I covered it with magazine pages I liked and replaced the metal spiral binding with yarn. But I bet this paper would also work and if you wrap your notebooks with it, they’d have a theme!

There are also lots of super cute notebooks so don’t fret if you just want to get one that’s already nice to look at. 🙂 Check out those trendy notebooks at the bottom right of the photo below. I also liked those brown frames and can already imagine placing handmade artworks with brush calligraphy or watercolor in it:


These organizers look awesome. I love that if you’re in love with a theme (I’m in love with the purple set), you can have an organized collection at work or at home:


Pencil cases! Which one’s your fave? I can’t choose just one–I love the watermelon pencil case below, and the sparkly one at the bottom left corner and the one with the winking eyes, which reminds me of Audrey Hepburn’s sleeping mask in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

I sorta lost it when I saw this shelf filled with colorful pens. No joke, I spent almost an hour or more just trying them out and picking my favorites–you can never have enough pens:

Just look at how adorable these are:

They also have these promos:

If you have a single receipt from the SM Stationery department worth Php1200, you can choose a free hot/cold lunch pack until the end of June. All the designs are lovely:


Good thing back to school season is for everyone, stationery hoarders included (haha). 🙂

I didn’t want to leave because there were so many cute and useful stuff I could imagine myself using in my online classes and at work. From pens and pencils and other writing instruments to school, art and office supplies to paper products, cartridges and ink, books and magazines (to stickers!<3) to filing and various forms of storage to cool frames and accessories (whew!)–they really had it all and you’d be spoilt for choice. 🙂 They also have gift wrapping services and I know a lot of people (including me haha) who’d love a stationery gift pack for any special occasion. 🙂

Follow them through their social media accounts to stay updated with their promos and specials:

Website: www.stationery.com.ph
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SMStationeryPH
Instagram: www.instagram.com/smstationeryph
Twitter: www.twitter.com/smstationeryph

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 🙂

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