Bullet journal obsession


I’m spending a lot of time recently trying to organize my life and so far, I really enjoy compartmentalizing my art from my lists from my daily tasks using various journals/planners. I use my Starbucks planner for daily gratitudes, and my three traveler’s notebooks have separate functions: one is my bullet journal, one is for my drawings and stuff I’ve eaten, and the last one is my travel sketchbook. I love how they’re light and compact. Now I know why these notebooks have so many fans! I still want a regular camel one for a cover–I still don’t have a cover haha.
My bullet journal basically has pages of lists. I realized that I enjoyed writing lists, but hated that I couldn’t find everything, so the index part is what I use the most. I get tons of inspiration from searching “#bulletjournal” from instagram but to be honest I know I can never draw straight lines even when using a ruler. Drawing lines is just not for me haha. I do enjoy the prospect of doing brush calligraphy for headers using my brush pens, and I tried bringing all my colored pens to work to try and finish a page during breaktime but it didn’t work. I got so overwhelmed with the choices I couldn’t even start the page lol.
I stuck to pink and green for this one, since I had a lot of pink and green frixion pens. I also use an erasable fountain pen that I bought from the SM Stationery section. I used stencils that I got from an ukay-ukay eons ago.
So far my favorites are those collection pages, and my wishlist page, which contains stuff I really want and how much I need to save to buy it. Got the idea from one of the awesome bujo-ers online but my memory fails me–I can’t seem to remember from whom, so sorry!
I also track nice sensory moments daily because it’s want I want to remember most. 🙂



There are so many fabulous ideas online and countless videos and blog posts on how to set up your bullet journal, which is a system invented by Ryder Carroll, which you can learn more about in this video:
Do you keep a bullet journal too? What’s your fave thing about it? 🙂

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