How I decorate my planners and journals

It’s no secret that I adore stickers and washi tapes. I used to try and use as little of them as possible because I didn’t want them to run out so fast.

This year, though, that all changed. I met my fellow #artitas who are as addicted to washi tapes and stickers as I am and met a lot of planner-loving friends who even use planner stickers specifically made for planners. πŸ™‚ Inspired by them, I vowed to make this year the year that I’d use my hoarded stuff to make each day happier and more fun. I also discovered how some of my old stickers lost their “stickiness” which means that I better use these babies up. And fast.

I used to have a rule that confined my sticker usage to my daily gratitude planner (take a peek into my planners in my instagram: @mabuhaydiy) but I scrapped that rule because seeing cute stickers everywhere makes me so happy. πŸ™‚

For my gratitude planner, I highlight a memorable happy thing that day using brush lettering and then list down other faves from that day. I use washi tapes and stickers to fill up spaces:


Sometimes I use the stickers or stamps as bullets:


A tip I learned from my planner-loving friends: Decorate a page or a spread in the future with washi and stickers and then just jot down notes on said page/s when that day arrives to save you time on decorating. I do it sometimes when I have plans or events.

For my “anything goes journal/planner” (which is basically filled with bigger illustrations and detailed descriptions of food I ate lol), I use the stickers/stamps/washi tapes for borders and for sticking ephemera or food labels:


I also do brush calligraphy of quotes in my journals and doodle or paint food.

My good friend Ella uses her stickers for decorating her gadgets and walls and project life scrapbook, so you can also consider those as additional use of the stickers and tapes you’ve hoarded, haha.

You can buy these stickers, washi tapes (loving the foil ones!) and stamps from my new fave online store: @beehappycrafts (They have so many artsy craftsy stuff there–you can easily lose precious hours just from ogling their sticker options :)). The stickers, foil tapes and washi tapes I used in the photos above are all from beehappycrafts loot btw. πŸ™‚

P.s. I just had to take more photos of my haul. Can’t get over how pretty the stickers and foil tapes are! Also getting addicted to clear stamps, heh. Thank you for existing and making this sticker fiend very happy, beehappycrafts! πŸ™‚



Instagram: @beehappycrafts
Online store:


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